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If long label names are being used for NetView Symbols, how is it possible to prevent them from overlapping with the labels of other symbols ?


The spacing of the symbols can be controlled, but it may be more useful to turn off the label displaying when the symbol is reduced below a certain size. This is done in "usr/OV/app-defaults/OVw", with the following variables:

*busSymbolRadius: 8
*ringSymbolRadius: 8
*connSymbolRadius: 8
*meshSymbolRadius: 8
*starSymbolRadius: 8

When the radius of the symbol on the map is more than this value, labels will be displayed.
In this case, try changing the value of eight (8) to something larger so that the labeling turns off sooner and thus will not overlap. When the label is not visible, the Context menu can be used to see the label or select the node.

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