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Browser displays garbage after clicking "Begin Signon" from WUI Welcome page

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Your browser displays unreadable data after you click the "Begin Signon" button on the Welcome page from the CICSPlex SM Web User Interface (WUI). There are no exceptional startup or EYULOG messages.


You see the problem when you do the following:

  1. Open the browser to the WUI URL and click the "Begin Signon" button.

  2. After clicking the "Begin Signon" button, the browser displays unrecognizable hexadecimal characters:

You are able to use CEMT through the CICS WEB Interface by using a different IP port into the same region. DFHCNV was assembled according to the "Prepare codepage conversion table" section in topic "Setting up a CICSPlex SM Web User Interface server" in the CICS information center.


Your WUI region is not loading the newly assembled DFHCNV with the CPSM entries provided by sample EYU$CNV1. The old DFHCNV in SDFHLOAD in the DFHRPL was concatenated before the new DFHCNV that contains the required WUI entries.

Resolving the problem

Follow these steps to correct the problem:

  1. Include the required CPSM entries from the EYU$CNV1 sample in the CICS DFHCNVW$ sample.

  2. Assemble the new DFHCNV.

  3. Move your DFHCNV up in the DFHRPL concatenation before the supplied DFHCNV.

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Host Transaction Processing CICS Transaction Server CICS Web support
Host Transaction Processing CICS Performance Monitor for z/OS WUI

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