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Configuring a service Transaction Program

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How do I configure a service Transaction Program?


A service transaction program (TP) differs from a normal SNA TP in that its TP name starts with a hexadecimal value between 0x00 and 0x3D. The remaining characters are taken to be plain EBCDIC characters.

So, when you define a service TP name in either the Transaction Program Definition (local TP) or the CPI-C Side Information Definition (remote TP), specify the name in the format XXyyyy... where XX is the two byte hexadecimal value and yyyy... are the remaining characters in EBCDIC. For example, if you have a service TP name "076DB," you would enter the name as it appears here (076DB) and click the "Service TP" check box. Internally, the service TP name will be translated into hex as "07F6C4C2." Notice that "07" is not translated into hex; it is taken to be literal hex characters.

If the first two bytes are greater than 0x3D, then the TP name is taken to be a normal TP name and the "Service TP" check box setting is ignored.

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Modified date: 29 August 2004