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How to stop the beeping sounds in Host On-Demand 3270 sessions

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How do you stop the beeping sounds in IBM Rational Host On-Demand 3270 sessions?


The Host On-Demand administrator and Host Access Client Library (HACL) programmers can code a session parameter to disable the beeping sounds in the 3270 sessions.

To allow users to start a 3270 session without beeping sounds, including error conditions, add the following parameter to the 3270 session configuration:


  • Follow these steps if you are using standard or default installed Host On-Demand files such as HOD.html or HODCached.html or Deployment Wizard pages that use the Configuration Server.

    1. Start a Web browser and open HODAdmin.html.

    2. Go to the Users/Groups section and find the 3270 session to be modified.

    3. Right click on the session and select Export the session and save the session in a file.

    4. Open the exported file with a text editor like Notepad.

    5. Search the file for the text string [Terminal].

    6. Add SESSION_QUIETMODE=true on a new line after [Terminal].

    7. Save and close the file.

    8. Using HODAdmin.html again, import the session. You can delete the old session and import the modified session.

  • If you created with the Deployment Wizard as html-based, follow these instructions:

    1. After creating the client with the sessions define, find the client and open the following folder:

    <directory with client page>/HODData/client page name/

    For example: ../hostondemand/HOD/HODData/deploypage1/

    2. In this directory, one or more files should exist, one for each session defined. These are the session configuration files. Edit the for the 3270 session that needs modifying.

    3. Search the file for the text string [Terminal]. Type SESSION_QUIETMODE=true on a new line after [Terminal].

    4. Save and close the file.

  • For HACL programmers using the Host On-Demand Java beans:

    Add SESSION_QUIETMODE property to the session as in the example below:
    Properties p = new Properties();


    Terminal t = new Terminal( p );

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