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On what platforms and operating systems can I run compiled REXX code?

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If I compile REXX code with the IBM REXX Compiler for REXX on zSeries, where can I run the compiled output?


The Compiler for REXX is available on z/OS and z/VM. It runs:

  • Under CMS on z/VM
  • In batch and under TSO on z/OS

Compiled programs can be executed on:
  • CMS on z/VM
  • Batch and TSO on z/OS
  • UNIX System Services (Open Edition) on z/OS
  • z/VSE

Document information

More support for: Compiler and Library for REXX on zSeries

Software version: 1.4

Operating system(s): Platform Independent, z/OS, z/VM

Software edition: Compiler, Runtime Library

Reference #: 1031300

Modified date: 11 October 2005

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