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Can I get utility code that performs deletes from FAF, based on the output file that provides details about objects deleted from OAM?

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Object Access Method (OAM) has cleanup logic that can run every night. There is sample code that produces a report or an output file that provides details about the images deleted or removed. I know this data can be, and is, used to keep FAF tables synchronized with OAM. Where can I get the code to do this?


To access a utility to delete the ImagePlus® Folder Application Facility (FAF) entries, refer to the following instructions, modules, and copybooks:

DLTEXUTL SCRIPT                                                            
DLTEX010 COBOL                                                              
DLTEX02X COBOL                                                              
DLTEX020 COBOL                                                              
DLTEX030 COBOL                                                              
DLTTXPRM COPY                                                              
DLTTX010 COPY                                                            

If you do not have them, contact IBM® through an electronic technical response (ETR) or a problem management record (PMR) and request that they be sent to you.

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