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Why can't I display a coded data document during an IPFAF batch store?

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I created my own coded data (object class x'4000') and used the ImagePlus Folder Application Facility (IPFAF) Version 2.2 batch process to store and index it. When I try to display the coded data, why do I get error message: "EVNA0402 An error occurred while preparing the current page for display. This page cannot be displayed at this workstation and has been removed from the working set"?


The object that you created most likely has a bad format, either in the MO:DCA structure or in the PTOCA structure of the object. Review the MO:DCA Reference (SC31-6802-05) and PTOCA Reference (SC31-6803-02), or the most recent manuals on these structures, and correct the errors.

Try the following steps to determine the problem with the object:

  1. Reduce your input record to MO:DCA (Mixed Object: Document Content Architecture). To do this, extract the object from OAM, or equivalent source, so that you can work solely with it and its MO:DCA wrapper.
  2. Download the object in binary format to your IWPM.
  3. Verify that it displays correctly by using the IWPM Open option to import it into the IWPM working set.

Alternatively, set EVN_CATCHDOC=YES and use MEDIT to view the MO:DCA structure. It is possible that, as with a similar problem when storing coded data with overlays using the IPFAF batch process, one bad tag in the MO:DCA structure could be the cause of this error.

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