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Can I store forms in IODM without the need for programming?

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Is there a way to store forms in IODM without having to program?


To store forms in ImagePlus® Object Distribution Manager (IODM) without the need for programming:

1. Use SPUFI (SQL processor using file input) under TSO/ISPF to insert an entry into the IODM Store Authorization Control table (SDSTCTTB). This entry should:

  • Have the correct SSYSID for the folder application facility (FAF) and the correct OSYSID and TSYSID for IODM
  • Choose a TEMPID name of your choice
  • Specify an OBJNAME parameter that is eight characters or less
  • Specify an OBJTYPE of "J" and an OBJCLASS parameter of x'8020'
  • Specify appropriate Object Access Method (OAM) Collection Name (COLLNAME), MGMTCLAS, STORCLAS, and RETPD routines
  • Set PMODFLAG='N' and NAMEFLAG='0'
  • Specify a valid ImagePlus FAF (IPFAF) return transaction (for example, ER00)

    2. Scan the form at an ImagePlus Workstation Program/2 (IWPM/2) Version 1.2.1 workstation using the TEMPID that you specified in step 1. The form is now stored in OAM.

    Note: Expect an error message in one of the IPFAF error logs from a REGISTER command that was sent to the IPFAF as a by-product of this process. Step 1 simulates the process of sending a STORAUTH request to IODM for a form scan and store. Because no actual STORAUTH command was sent, IPFAF does not recognize the REGISTER command. The unknown REGISTER does not affect IPFAF.

    One other option is to use the batch store facilities of IODM and FAF. You can create a sequential file of items to be stored and then run them thru IODM and or FAF. This also will only require control files to be set up correctly as described in the IODM Systems Programmers Guide or the FAF manuals.

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