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APAR status

  • Closed as fixed if next.

Error description

  • 1. Report Generator: One option on the Report Generator setup
    wizard is "Range". The "Select Range" option allows the user to
    specify ranges like "last week", "last 15 minutes", and so on.
    The following ranges are incorrect and need to be changed:
    - "Last 15 minutes" - this one actually processes the last 16
      minutes. Increase begin time by 1 minute to correct.
    - "Last hour" - now does last 61 minutes. Increase begin time by
      1 minute correct.
    - "Last 24 hours" - does last 1441 minutes, 1 more than just 24
      hours.  Increase begin time by 1 minute to correct.
    - "Last week" - actually includes 8 days!  Decrease end date by
      1 day to properly end at 11:59pm on Sunday.
    - "Last 4 weeks" - now 4 weeks and 1 day.  Decrease end date by
      1 day to properly end at 11:59pm on Sunday.
    - The remaining selected ranges are correct.
    2. Report Scheduling (dynamic reports published to local). In SA
    you can schedule a dynamic report to start as soon as it's
    associated usage analysis (UA) completes. However, when a
    customer has more than one usage analysis scheduled (in this
    case, nightly), and then also schedules multiple reports to run
    against those UA's when they complete, a problem occurs.  The
    first report properly starts upon completion of the first UA.
    The 2nd report, instead of waiting for the 2nd UA, starts upon
    completion of the 1st report.  All subsequent scheduled reports
    fail to wait on the associated UA, but instead start when the
    previous report completes.
    3. Report Elements.  One of the operations that can be specified
    in the Report Element Wizard is Sum / by hour of the day. You
    can then select enough rows of data to return that all 24 hours
    can then be displayed in the report. Then sort ascending by hour
    of day. The resulting report element will show all 24 hours that
    have data from 12 am to 11 pm.  What the client is seeing is
    this works great for the reports run now, while the SA client is
    still up.  But, if they close the client, then reopen the client
    and regenerate the report, the report element goes back to 10
    rows!  I believe the number of rows selection is not kept when
    the client closes.  We need a fix for this also.
    4. Report Elements and Reports. For report elements defined
    to display data (either sum or average) by hour of the day,
    the reulting data does not include hours that have the value
    0 (zero). This makes visual comparisons of report runs more
    difficult. The hours with zero value should appear in the

Local fix

Problem summary

  • This APAR describes four different problems
    found in Site Analyzer 3.5 which are adequately described in
    the APAR Error Description.Item #1 was fixed in a WSSA.jar
    patch that is available from the SIte Analyzer Support team.
    The other three items were not fixed in 3.5, but are not
    problems found in Site Analyzer 4.0.

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


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  • R350 PSN


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More support for: Tivoli Web Site Analyzer

Software version: 350

Reference #: PQ50859

Modified date: 17 October 2011

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