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PM89204: [wi261694] Changes in project area can be overwritten because editor does not refresh when IItemManager refreshes


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Problem Description:
    When 2 or more users access to modify the same project's process
    template, update made by one user can overwrite the update made
    by another user. This does not happen when the changes made by
    the users are simultaneously (in this case, the second user will
    get 'Stale data exception' as expected). The problem can be
    reproduced when the template is left opened in the eclipse
    client for a long time (suspect to be longer than the Eclipse
    client connection timeout value).
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. User A and User B logged in to the repository. Both have the
    connection timeout setting set to 60 seconds
    2. User A and User B opened a project and navigate to Project
    Configuration tab ? Configuration Data ? Work Items ? Types and
    3. User A changes the name of the Defect type from 'Defect' to
    'Defect_byA' and save change
    4. User B still has 'Defect' in his view
    5. Both users leave the Eclipse client open, but do not use it
    (or use other applications to do other work)
    6. After a few minutes, User B comes back to the Eclipse client.
    Without refreshing it, update defect name from 'Defect' to
    'Defect_byB'. Save change. Confirm that it allows user B to
    change save. This overwrites the change done by user A.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Using the Eclipse Client the following behavior is occurring.
    Process Template, ADMIN1 opens project process template to
    modify/add values. For example, add values to an enumeration
    field. Process template for Project is saved. Process template
    is not closed in eclipse client template remains on screen.
    Admin1 updates work items impacted by added enumeration value.
    Closes work items. Eclipse Client is still active process
    template for project is still open in window. No further work by
    current Admin is executed against process template.
    Admin2 has eclipse client running logged in for the day. Same
    Project, Process template is opened. Changes are made and saved
    to workitem form. No error messages, no warnings no requirement
    to sychronize process template with server. Save is successful
    Changes implemented earlier in the day by Admin1 are no longer
    in process template. Work items with these values added are now
    corrupted. The value cannot be found. Admin2 must read values to
    process template, save, sychronize work items and update each
    work item replacing the corrupted value.

Problem conclusion

  • A message is displayed if the underlying data has changed

Temporary fix


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  • R404 PSY


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More support for: Rational Team Concert

Software version: 4.0

Reference #: PM89204

Modified date: 18 September 2013

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