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PM87265: Path to image file disappears after Refactor ? Convert to plain text


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APAR status

  • Closed as user error.

Error description

  • In IBM Rational Software Architect, after selecting Refactor ?
    Convert Documentation to plain text, the path to the image file,
    'img src=file...' is removed.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Make sure that Window ? Preferences ? Modeling ?
    Miscellaneous ? Rich text ? 'Display rich text in diagrams and
    documentation' is checked and that 'Display the text conversion
    item in the Refactor menu' also is checked
    2. Make sure that the 'View Menu' (the downward pointing
    arrowhead on the right-hand side of the Project Explorer) ?
    Customize View... ? Filters UML Interaction Contents check box
    is not checked
    3. Create a UML project and model
    4. Add a sequence diagram to the model
    5. Draw two lifelines on the sequence diagram and connect them
    with a message
    6. Add documentation to the message and include both text and an
    image in the rich text editor
    Result: A '??documentation??' element appears in the Project
    Explorer under the message and both the text and image are
    visible in the Documentation tab, as expected
    7. Save the changes
    8. Return to Window ? Preferences ? Modeling ? Miscellaneous ?
    text ? 'Display rich text in diagrams and documentation', clear
    check box and click Apply/OK
    9. Close the 'Properties' view and the go to Window ? Show View
    Properties to reopen the 'Properties' view
    Result: The 'Documentation' tab will no longer have the rich
    text options and the documentation, including a path to the
    image file, 'img src=file...', from Step 6 will appear within
    the HTML tags.
    10. Right click on the model in the Project Explorer and select
    Refactor ? Convert documentation to Plain Text
    ---?Expected Result: Both the text and the 'img src=file...'
    appear in the Documentation text editor without the HTML tags
    ---?Actual Result: Only the text appears without the HTML tags.
    The path to the image, 'img src=file...', is gone.
    The workaround is to retype the 'img src=[path to the image
    file]' into the plain text editor.

Local fix

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Temporary fix


  • The functionality is working as designed. Its invalid to
    preserve an attribute from a tag, when all others are being

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More support for: Rational Software Modeler

Software version: 7.5.5

Reference #: PM87265

Modified date: 13 June 2013

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