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PM82812: ABEND S0C4 IN DFSDBLP0(PK88906)+X'514 LABEL FLS200

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The sequence leading to the error:
    I think the scenario that led to the abend0c4 in DFSDBLP0 could
    be as followed:
    1. ACBLIBX has psb YZECPB genned with TPPCB and 2 DBPCBs and
       BLDLPCBS has a value of 8.
    2. PSB YZECPB was scheduled before online change and the
       application completes normally.  PDIRPCBS on both master and
       copy has a valud of 8.
    3. Customer run ACBGEN to generate psb YZECPB with only TPPCB in
    3a. An online change was done and master PDIRPCBS was refreshed
        to pick up the new PDIRPCBS size of 6.
    4. PSB YZECPB was scheduled after online change and the existing
       PSB in step 2 was used.
    5. PSB YZECPB was scheduled again in parallel with the same psb
       in step 4.
        5a. The copy PDIR was    copied from the master PDIR. As of
            this result, the copy PDIRPCBS has a    value of 6.
        5b.  DFSDBLP0 found psb in step 4 and attempted to copy it
             instead of reading from the acblib.
        6a.  The mismatch in size between the PDIRs in steps 4 and 5
             caused an abend0c4 in DFSDB
    Code will be added to DFSDBLP0 to prevent this situation and PSB
    scheduling will fail in the event of a mismatch.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All IMS V11 users of ACB Online Change.      *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: An ABEND0C4 occurs during a parallel    *
    *                      schedule of a PSB that is changed using *
    *                      ACB online change.  The 0C4 occurs if   *
    *                      the PSB is defined in an ACBLIB data    *
    *                      set which is concatenated in both       *
    *                      IMSACBA and IMSACBB DD statements and   *
    *                      is not the first data set in the        *
    *                      concatenation.                          *
    An ABENDS0C4 occurs in module DFSDBLP0 after label FLS200 during
    a parallel schedule of a PSB that is changed using ACB online
    change.  Prior to the ACB OLC the PSB is scheduled and a copy of
    the PDIR is loaded into the PSB pool.  An ACBGEN is done to
    change the PSB definition from having one TPPCB and one DBPCB to
    having only one TPPCB.  This change causes the PSB to decrease
    in size while the PDIR copy still contains the larger size.  The
    PDIR copy with the larger size does not get purged from the PSB
    pool during ACB OLC because the PSB and corresponding DBD
    members are in the same active and inactive ACBLIB data set not
    in the first concatenation.  This causes the comparison of the
    dates of the active and inactive PSB and DBD to be equal.  When
    equal an inconsistency occurs between half word PDIRPCBS in the
    PDIR master and the PDIR copy.

Problem conclusion

  • GEN:
    *** END IMS KEYWORDS ***
     * DFSDBLP0 *
    Code has been added in module DFSDBLP0 after label CHKLOAD to
    compare the PSB size between the master PDIR and the copy PDIR
    in PDIRPCBS.  Code has also been added after label BACTCOPY to
    compare the intent list size with PDIRBFR subtracted from
    PDIRSIZ.  If the sizes differ, then PDIRRSN61 is set in the PDIR
    copy and scheduling fails with an ABENDU0456 ( U0456 ) and
    messge DFS0651W error 15 ( MSGDFS0651W ) is returned.
     * DFSPDIR *
    Reason code PDIRRSN61 added to indicate PDIRPCBS size mismatch
    between PDIR master and PDIR copy.
     * Documentation Change *
    Update the Messages and Codes, Volume 1: DFS Messages
    Add the following validation error code for message
    The PSB size in the PSB directory is not consistent with the
    size obtained from the ACBLIB PDS directory at ACB online change
    Add the following to the end of the paragraph under:
    System action
    If the PSB is not a DOPT PSB and the validation error code is
    15, it can only be corrected by not specify the same ACBLIB
    dataset on both active and inactive ACBLIB concatenation.
    ACB online change will not work as a result.

Temporary fix

  • *********
    * HIPER *


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    IMS V11

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    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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    PM83358 PM83366 UK92368



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    IMS V11

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  • R100 PSY UK92368

       UP13/03/09 P F303 Ž

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Reference #: PM82812

Modified date: 02 April 2013

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