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PM81906: Creating a new database connection profile fails due to empty JDBC driver list


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Abstract:
    Attempting to create a new database connection profile results
    in an empty JDBC driver list when using a workspace created by
    another product
    When trying to connect, the error Ping failed!
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: is
    1. Install Rational Developer for System z
    2. Open a new workspace with Rational Developer for System z
    3. Open the Data Development perspective. Within the view Data
    Source Explorer, click on New Connection Profile
    4. Install Rational Application Developer into the
    Rational Developer for System z shell
    5. Open the workspace from step 2 with Rational Application
    6. Click on New Connection Profile within the view Data Source
    Explorer. Select the Database Manager DB2 for z/OS
    Actual Result:
    List of JDBC drivers is empty
    Expected Result:
    List of JDBC drivers contains drivers to connect to DB2 for z/OS
    Opening the menu Window ? Preferences, preference page Data
    Management ? Connectivity ? Driver Definitions shows a long list
    of driver profiles
    Local fix:
    Use one of the two workarounds:
    a) Create a new workspace. A new workspace will not experience
    this problem.
    b) If you wish to re-use the pre-existing workspace, re-add the
    various driver profiles to the driver definition window as
    described below:
    1. Open the menu Window ? Preferences, open the preference page
    Data Management ? Connectivity ? Driver Definitions
    2. Click on the button Add... to launch the window New Driver
    3. Select any of the driver profiles that you wish to add and
    since these are templates there is no need to modify any fields.
    Just select the 'OK' button and this will now add the driver
    profile to the driver definition window.
    Note: Please note that some of the templates above will show the
    message 'Unable to locate JAR/zip in file system as specified by
    the driver definition'. This is expected behavior.
    Note: Some of the templates such as the z/OS driver profile
    templates will show the message 'Required property in driver
    definition missing value: Database Name.' This is expected
    behavior. If you see such a warning, switch to the tab
    Properties and enter any value into the text field Database
    Name. The value is only required for the purpose of adding a new
    driver profile. When you create a new database connection in a
    later step, the product will prompt you explicitly for the
    database name
    4. Repeat steps 2 to 3 as for each driver profiles you would
    like to use. Click OK to save the changes
    Any added driver profiles will show up when creating a new
    database connection profile in the Data Source Explorer view

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Following up on the APAR Error Description, the products each
    have many default defined driver profiles. The majority of these
     driver profiles are common between the products however each
    product has a few unique ones that the other product does not
    have. When a workspace is created by one product, all of the
    driver profiles are loaded. When it is then later opened by the
    same product nothing happens since there wouldn't be any changes
     to the default defined driver profiles. However, when the same
    workspace is then opened by the other product, in this case
    there are a 'few unique' driver profiles that need to be added.
    There was a bug where instead of adding the few new unique ones
    we actually overwrote the main list and only the unique ones
    were added. Hence it looked as if almost all of the driver
    profiles were missing.

Problem conclusion

  • The fix for this APAR is included in Rational Application
    Developer v8.0.4.3 and later products.

Temporary fix


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More support for: Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software

Software version: 8.0.4

Reference #: PM81906

Modified date: 28 October 2013

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