PM81800: 'Disabling and re-enabling the remember password feature' topic misses detailed explanation of the REMEMBER_PASSWORD property

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The topic in the ClearQuest InfoCenter: 'Disabling and
    re-enabling the remember password feature'
     is missing an clarification of the fact that the disabling or
    enabling of the property takes effect only after a successful
    login to the ClearQuest database. This explanation is important
    because without it the actual behaviour appears as unexpected or
    incorrect to users and administrators. The explanation itself
    can be found in the example given in the Comand Reference page
    for setmasterproperty
    'Upon any successful login to a Rational ClearQuest database,
    the Rational ClearQuest Client checks the REMEMBER_PASSWORD
    master property for the database set. If the value is discovered
    to be FALSE, then any saved password is removed and a dialog is
    displayed to the user warning them of the change. The connection
    is also marked in an existing file stored to disk so that, in
    the future, the user is not allowed to use 'Remember Password'
    for connections to the database set. Administrators can also
    choose to later re-enable this feature for their users by
    setting the REMEMBER_PASSWORD master property to 'TRUE'. After
    logging in one more time, users are able to then use the
    'Remember Password' feature.
    Therefore, some Rational ClearQuest Client users do not have
    their old saved passwords removed and the feature disabled until
    after they login using a saved password. There is no way for the
    Rational ClearQuest Client to check if the feature has been
    disabled until after establishing a connection to the Rational
    ClearQuest database. It can be guaranteed that the saved
    passwords are removed immediately after login.'
    but given its importance it would be expected to find it in the
    main topic describing the feature.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    The topic in the ClearQuest InfoCenter: "Disabling and
    re-enabling the remember password feature"
    s%2Ft_pwd_disable_en_remem.htm) is missing clarification
    that disabling or enabling the REMEMBER_PASSWORD master
    property takes effect only after logging in to the
    ClearQuest database.  However, this explanation is available
    in the Command Reference help for the 'installutil
    setmasterproperty' subcommand (

Problem conclusion

  • Added clarification to the Administering Rational ClearQuest
    topic "Disabling and re-enabling the remember-password
    s%2Ft_pwd_disable_en_remem.htm) that disabling or enabling
    the REMEMBER_PASSWORD master property takes effect only
    after successful log on to the ClearQuest database.  This
    change will appear in the ClearQuest Information Center the
    next time the help is updated.

Temporary fix


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