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PM76053: SA 'Find in DOORS' feature finds the first DOORS object


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • 'Find in Doors' option is finding first link and not the link
    that is selected in System Architect definition instance.
    A DOORS view using no filtering does not see this problem.
    When DOORS view is using filtering, then the first link in the
    definition instance is always displayed.

Local fix

Problem summary

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    The specific link for an item selected in System Architect
    definition instance must be highlighted even when filter is
    on. Problem is with way coding is done in SA DOORS
    When there is no filter set, find query is set as filter
    query and the query is run. Result is module is opened
    highlighting the element. Only that particular object is
    displayed in module.
    When filter is on, looks like the find query is not attached
    correct to the filter, which leads to just filter being
    applied and the first element is displayed. Since just the
    filter is applied, list of items matching "object text is
    not empty" is displayed, highlighting the first element.

Problem conclusion

  • Use compound filter to query "link for an item selected in
    System Architect" along with the existing filter. This will
    filter the contents of the module first and then run the
    find query to highlight the linked item.
    If store the found objects in a Skiplist, then use that to
    "accept" them once the module is open, the item is now shown
    in addition to those shown by the filter in place.
    There is no concept of setting focus in DOORS DXL. The
    default highlighted object as soon as a module is open, is
    the current object and DOORS has an internal implementation
    for highlighting it. On Find, the object matching the query
    is highlighted by setting it as a current object. Perm for
    that is "current"
    use something like
    accept(Object o) // After accept, set the accepted object as
    current = o //This will get the focus on the selected object
    The "Find in DOORS" feature should now find the object
    associated with the selected link.

Temporary fix


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Document information

More support for: Rational System Architect

Software version: 11.4.1

Reference #: PM76053

Modified date: 21 December 2012

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