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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All Fault Analyzer Version 10 users.         *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: 01. Dump Storage display not formatted  *
    *                          using 32 bytes per line when it     *
    *                          should be.                          *
    *                          APAR PM77687                        *
    *                      02. CICS Transaction Dump statistics    *
    *                          might be wrong if Fault Analyzer is *
    *                          active in the CICS region.          *
    *                          APAR PM77688                        *
    *                      03. IDI0144E error IDISFPEX abend S0C4  *
    *                          in Fault analyzer IDIS subsystem.   *
    *                          APAR PM77689                        *
    *                      04. User enters CFA transaction and     *
    *                          then uses PF9 to view the IVP       *
    *                          screen. PROG753 is issued at the    *
    *                          terminal intermittently.            *
    *                          APAR PM77690                        *
    *                      05. Abend S0C4 at entry point PrtUDATA  *
    *                          when passing back records with more *
    *                          than 256 characters from a Message  *
    *                          and Abend Code Explanation user     *
    *                          exit using 'IDIWRITE <var-name>'.   *
    *                          APAR PM77691                        *
    *                      06. CICS gets DFHSM0002 X'0D0A' when    *
    *                          customized DFHPEP issues TC SEND    *
    *                          command.                            *
    *                          APAR PM77692                        *
    *                      07. RDz dead process=721405 exited in   *
    *                          exit code=137/9/160 or other errors *
    *                          after Fault Analyzer called for     *
    *                          abend processing.                   *
    *                          APAR PM77693                        *
    *                      08. CICS U4038 abends on an L9 open TCB *
    *                          are not captured by Fault Analyzer  *
    *                          APAR PM77694                        *
    *                      09. With bad JCL in the IDIS subsystem  *
    *                          causing an abend, and automated     *
    *                          operations restarting it, the       *
    *                          system LX entries can be depleted   *
    *                          causing the need to IPL.            *
    *                          APAR PM77695                        *
    *                      10. AB/S00C4 004 IDIXDCAP IDIXDCAP      *
    *                          IEAVTABD REGS/0B2FC FFFFF           *
    *                          TTL: ABDUMP ERROR, COMPON=ABDUMP,   *
    *                          COMPID=5752-SCDMP, ISSUER=IEAVTABD  *
    *                          APAR PM77696                        *
    *                      11. CICS SDUMP analysis AP domain task  *
    *                          facility type and ID blank in some  *
    *                          instances.                          *
    *                          APAR PM77697                        *
    *                      12. Abend SA78 in load module IDIXDCAP  *
    *                          CSECT IDIXOPTC + X'C46'.            *
    *                          APAR PM77698                        *
    *                      13. SCRT not finding Fault Analyzer     *
    *                          SMF89 records.                      *
    *                          APAR PM77699                        *
    * RECOMMENDATION: Apply the provided PTF.                      *
    01. Despite the setting of an adequate preferred formatting
        width, and the use of a logical screen size which also
        permits storage formatting using 32 bytes per line, the
        Dump Storage display was formatted using only 16 bytes per
    02. Even with the Fault Analyzer RetainCICSdump(ALL) option, the
        CEMT I TRD statistics might be affected by Fault Analyzer.
    03. The IDIS subsystem might get IDI0144E from IDISFPEX abend
        S0C4 when the Fault Analyzer options have a long EXCLUDE
    04. The CFA program IDIXFA is not initializing the IVP map
        as often as it should.
    05. The long records were saved in XPL.DATA_BUFFER, which is
        only a 256 character field, causing overlays and corruption
        of data.  Other symptoms than the S0C4 in PrtUDATA might be
        possible, depending on the record data and length.
    06. Fault Analyzer is "stacking" TCTTEDA, and CICS is
        freemaining it while it is stacked.
    07. In a UNIX DUBBED environment Fault Analyzer being called to
        handle an abend might cause LE envar_array pointed to from
        the EDB to be corrupted.
    08. No fault entry created for LE U4038 abends that occur on an
        open TCB running in key 9.
    09. The Fault Analyzer IDIS subsystem if continually restarted
        can cause depletion of the SYSTEM LX pool, requireing an
    10. SVC dump taken from IEAVTABD when Fault Analyzer installed
        and a KEY 7 TCB abends.
    11. A facility ID was only being determined when the facility
        type flag was 02.  In this instance, the type flag was 01
        but a facility ID was still available.
    12. An invalid address was used to FREEMAIN a work area.
    13. Fault Analyzer SMF89 records might have invalid product
        data, stopping them being recognized by SCRT.

Problem conclusion

  • 01. The determination of sufficient width to allow for 32 bytes
        per line formatting has been corrected.
    02. The Fault Analyzer CICS suppress dump return code processing
        has been updated.
    03. Saving of the OPTION statement has been updated to
        accomodate any input length.
    04. IDIXFA has been changed to initialize the map before
        sending it.
    05. A separate dynamically allocated buffer is now being used,
        which is capable of handling record lengths up to 32K.
    06. Fault Analyzer will no longer stack TCTTEDA.
    07. The use of putenv() has been removed and replaced with an
        MVS name/token solution.
    08. Code updated to handle the key 9 processing.
    09. The LX for IDIS is now reconnected so that restarts do not
        cause additional system LX values to be used.
    10. Processing for abends not in KEY 8 or 9 has been updated to
        generate IDI0123S Unsupported Environment message.
    11. Code enhanced to specifically check for a valid facility ID,
        even if the facility type is 01.
    12. The correct address is now being used to FREEMAIN the work
    13. Blank-padding has been added to the identity strings.

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  • RA10 PSY UK83898

       UP12/12/05 P F212

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More support for: z/OS family

Software version: A10

Reference #: PM74987

Modified date: 02 January 2013

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