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PM54435: Set ordering of nested class elements for code generation


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  • Closed as suggestion for future release.

Error description

  • PMR Content:
    We cannot determine an official way to set the sequence of
    nested class elements for code generation.
    The problem is a header file that contains a reference to an
    enumerated type, however the enumerated type is not defined
    prior to its reference in the header file.
    For example:
    class MyClass
    struct MyNestedStruct
    MyNestedEnum theEnum;
    enum MyNestedEnum
    In RoseRT, the nested class panel allowed order of nested
    classes to be configured. Typically I would order nested classes
    first to last by type as follows:
    1) Nested Enums
    2) Nested Structs
    3) Nested Classes
    Adding a dependence of MyNestedStruct on MyNestedEnum did not
    change order of generated code.
    There is capability to set order of generation for methods ?
    attributes under properties, but not for nested classes.
    Further debug shows that nested classes are generated in the
    order they are added to the model. A workaround for now is to
    cut MyNestedStruct out of the class, then paste it back in. This
    puts it at the bottom of the list.
    With this workaround, this is not a critical issue for us. The
    same functionality provided by RoseRT would make the concepts
    much easier to explain to users, however, so we would like this
    capability added if possible.

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Temporary fix


  • Thank you for your suggestion.  IBM does not currently track enh
    ancement requests for Rational products through APARs, but your
    request has been recorded in our internal enhancement tracking s
    The user can use the Advanced tab in the Properties view and cli
    ck the browse button for the 'NestedClassifier' property. This o
    pens a dialog with up and down buttons which can be used for reo
    rdering the nested classifiers. And it seems the code generator
    generates the classifiers in the same order as they are defined
    in the model. So this item is rejected.

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More support for: Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition

Software version: 8.0.3

Reference #: PM54435

Modified date: 17 October 2012

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