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PM49849: AdMasterUser Error when you attempt to delete an IBM Rational ClearQuest (CQ) User Database


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APAR status

  • Closed as Permanent restriction.

Error description

  • The following error is thrown when a specific sequence is
    followed to delete a CQ User Database (db). This error can be
    reproduced using out-of-the-box schemas and users:
    CRMMD1138E A user information entry in the database XXX is newer
    than the corresponding entry in the master database. This
    indicates either
    an internal error or an improper update/restore of one of the
    In the master database, the AdMasterUser named ?user attempting
    delete? is version XXX.
    In the user database XXX, the corresponding object (user
    dbid-335XXXXXX) is version XX
    Master dbid in both cases = 167XXXXX.
    The situation is not specific to the ClearQuest (Eclipse)
    Designer, and can be reproduced with the classic Designer using
    similar steps.
    The problem is more obvious in the CQ (Eclipse) Designer because
    you can be connected to multiple db connections at the same time
    (and thus be more inclined to leave the designer open and
    connected to multiple db connections).
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    1) Bring up ClearQuest Designer
    2) Connect to database schema with Designer
    3) Right click on a MASTER database (step 2) and pick New -?
    4) Create a new Access database (you could also try it with a
    SQL or Oracle but Access was the easiest)
    5) Bring up User Administrator ( File -? User Administrator)
    6) Make changes to a user and update the databases
    7) Try to remove database from Step 4.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    When a specific sequence is followed to delete a CQ User
    Database, users will see the following error:
    AdMasterUser Error when you attempt to delete a user database.

Problem conclusion

  • After analysis of this APAR we have determined we won't fix this
     issue due to: low priority/severity, the risk of a fix and a st
    raightforward workaround.  A priority decision has been made tha
    t this defect cannot be addressed in the next 18 months without
    neglecting issues of higher importance and less risk.  Thank you
     for your understanding.

Temporary fix


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More support for: Rational ClearQuest

Software version: 7.1.2

Reference #: PM49849

Modified date: 27 December 2012

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