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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Error Message: Crash with SEGFAULT. Customer reports that this
    problem occurs when a particular method gets JIT compiled.
    Stack Trace: 705C8A66  at  jitc.dll  _jit_mem_alloc + 0056
    705C958F  at  jitc.dll  _jit_code_mem_alloc + 001F
    705FA544  at  jitc.dll  _create_sp_offset_info + 00F4
    705CCFC8  at  jitc.dll  _JITGenNativeCode_state + 07C3
    70499A0F  at  jitc.dll  _JITGenNativeCode + 10EF
    704722B1  at  jitc.dll  _jit_compiler_entry + 0C51
    704735EC  at  jitc.dll  __jit_fast_compile + 026C
    706400EB  at  jitc.dll  __gate_code + 004B

Local fix

  • NA

Problem summary

  • Crash with SEGFAULT. Customer reports that this problem occurs
    when a particular method gets JIT compiled.

Problem conclusion

  • This defect will be fixed in:
    1.4.2 SR13 FP6
    The crash occured in the code generation phase of the JIT
    compilation of the customer's method, which has quite many
    number of StringBuffer's constructor and append methods inlined
    into it. The codegen is a dual pass routine, in the first pass,
    compiler runs through the optimized bytecode and estimates the
    size of the native code buffer to be allocated, and in the
    second pass, actual code is generated into the code buffer which
    is allocated based on the size information obtained from pass 1.
    Due to an error in the size computation logic, the generated
    code size becomes more than the estimated size, and overflows
    into the memory allocation structures. Next time when an
    allocation request was issued, the corrupted data structures
    caused the crash. The issue is fixed in latest SDK.(SR13 FP6)
    To obtain the fix:
    Install build 20100909 or later

Temporary fix


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    JAVA(1.3/1.4 CO

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    JAVA(1.3/1.4 CO

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Document information

More support for: Runtimes for Java Technology

Software version: 1.4.2

Reference #: PM17787

Modified date: 2010-09-08