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  • Ship defect fixes for H28W601 Fix Pack

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Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere Application Server    *
    *                 V6.0.1 for z/OS                              *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PK29435 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in WebSphere Application Server V6.0.1  *
    *                      for z/OS.                               *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PK29435 fixes the following defects in WebSphere
    Application Server V6.0.1 for z/OS:
    APAR    Description
    ------- --------------------------------------------------------
    PK13148 $adminconfig types doesn't display wssecurity config
    PK16557 Installation of application fails with
            openfailureexception. This happens due to invalid
            binariesurl in deployment.xml.
    PK20333 Admintask importwasprofile changes the default binaryurl
            in deployment.xml file.
    PK20404 WebComponentMetaDataImpl generates a new instance of
            wsthreadlocal which will cause a memory leak.
    PK20831 Thread dump reports soap connector in hangstate.
    PK21504 Implement inactivity timeout for distributedmap
            interface in dynacache.
    PK21774 Empty created during profile
            creation under turkish locale.
    PK21972 Getting corba unknown errors. Need to increase the size
            of the recovery logs.
    PK22172 Narrow querynames made by cellsync.
    PK22267 Plugin isn't flushing buffer before it returns the
    PK22392 Flush() is not working as expected on
    PK22460 Wsif code does not detect dynamic trace filter changes.
    PK22747 Potential security exposure.
    PK22790 Japanese characters in web.xml display as garbled
            characters in the administrative console.
    PK22995 Excessive child process creation during startup.
    PK23253 In jsf, the same action events are performed multiple
    PK23387 Memory leak in webservices call.
    PK23473 Application level session manager unable to stop
            replication service. The replication service does not
            provide the consumer the ability to call stop.
    PK23475 Possible JSP source code exposure.
    PK23535 Performance enhancements when sending object across data
            replication service.
    PK23542 Wsws3440 the wsdl2java emitter does not understand qname
            when there are two spaces in an xsd enumeration.
    PK23659 Browsing classloaders in the class loader viewer might
            result in Error 500 on the page.
    PK23688 Unable to modify httpd.conf from the administrative
    PK23748 When the configuration is very large, you may see memory
            fragmentation and allocation failures for memory.
    PK23755 Explicit soap headers are not thread safe.
    PK23769 Installation of a war module is failing on Portal Server
    PK23779 Pathinfo is omitted while redirecting using
    PK23787 Fail to decrypt a soap message with private key.
    PK23843 When a jsp calls a tag which does a recursive call in a
            tag file the application server crashes.
    PK23862 DRS stats logging enhanced to provide summary and
            detailed statistics on outgoing message transmission.
    PK23915 When using filters if there is not a servlet mapping
            defined for the url pattern the properties file is not
    PK23942 Extending do-not-cache property support to the edge.
    PK23985 Addnode -includeapps results in "too many open files"
    PK23998 Wwlm0069e, odcf0002e seen using a WebSphere application
            server variable for the hostname. Treebuilder exception.
    PK24036 NCSA access log output is the same regardless of whether
            common or combined format was selected.
    PK24079 Adminoperationssecurity.xml in lib/wasjmx.jar uses
            underscore '_' in xml tags when it should use a dash '-'
            according to spec.
    PK24115 Websphere Application Server should protect against -1
            content length.
    PK24146 Filter out expiration and LRU based invalidation events.
    PK24169 Upgraded websphere commerce to v5.6.0.5. message
            "srtservletres warning: cannot set header. response
            already committed" received.
    PK24260 NullPointerException in message summary statistics.
    PK24301 Reply messages not received when sent from WebSphere
            Application Server via mqlink to mq version 6.
    PK24334 Possible security exposure.
    PK24372 Unable to create and persist data objects that have
    PK24400 Arrayindexoutofboundsexception in
    PK24431 Ssl keystore path and password get overwritten on
    PK24463 A resource environment provider name cannot contain
            special characters.
    PK24500 fails with https
            hostname wrong.
    PK24501 Wsloginfailedexception: security name is null when
            re-authenticating a userid with ascii-extended
    PK24517 A filter can not accurately determine if a timeout
            occurred when talking to a server.
    PK24533 Websphere wps/esb needs lazy xml parse of web
            services client response.
    PK24565 Logs full of j2ca0106 or j2ca0102 ,j2ca0099 messages.
    PK24615 Websphere Application Sever disallows access to any
            directory path which includes either of the strings
            "meta-inf" or "web-inf".
    PK24649 Data Replication Service not correctly handling
    PK24662 Error CWSIP0001E during server startup.
    PK24729 ELException "no function mapped" error if fn call is
            inside .
    PK24731 Srve0068e : no function mapped to name fn:length.
    PK24736 Runtime exception is thrown when creating sdo data
            objects which are transformed from uml2 business
    PK24760 Nullpointerexception during serialization.
    PK24767 Call resetconnection in the case of ewlm only if the
            db2 driver supports such a method.
    PK24773 Hashcode used for managedconnection is incorrect.
    PK24775 Cache policy incorrect when white space surrounds
            special character in the cachespec.xml file.
    PK24782 The use of in the wsdl is a valid tag but is not
            supported in the web service engine.
    PK24834 Sensitive information may be displayed in the ffdc
    PK24844 Domain users are not able to login in application.
    PK24913 -all returns invalid status if path
            specified in pidfile directive of httpd.conf is relative
    PK24978 Wsdeploy generates errors for beans, with getter and
            setter mismatches.
    PK24993 Threadpools that have configuration data that is managed
            outside the threadpoolmanager are not enabled for pmi.
    PK24997 AlternateServers property does not function correctly.
    PK25129 Perftuners.xml contains the xml tag but does not contain
            the corresponding entry in the dtd part of the file.
    PK25199 Potential authority problem using ThreadIdentitySupport.
    PK25208 Dynamic cache delayed initialization noted by logged
    PK25216 Web services bindings cannot be edited in the
            administrative console if there are mulitple ports set
            for the web service.
    PK25219 SOAPException with message "Unable to marshall" for
            properties whose name matches a Java identifier.
    PK25446 The count for "total number of hung threads in the
            server" becomes inaccurate if the thread name is changed
    PK25568 Trace may contain user-sensitive data.
    PK25592 Proxy server reports null virtual host alias under
            stress run.
    PK25593 In application level memory to memory replication,
            session manager does not stop DRS instance.
    PK25597 occurs when DRS tries
            to deserialize the content.
    PK25600 Out of memory in version 6 depoyment manager with
            version 5 nodes.
    PK25603 Using domsource with soappart api causes namespaces to
            be ignored.
    PK25630 Page context pool size of 4 is too low and inefficient
            for WebSphere Portal server.
    PK25670 First wsdl:binding extension element should be used to
            determine binding namespace.
    PK25682 Slow memory leak in Dynamic cache push-pull table when
            server(s) are stopped and restarted during cache load
    PK25725 Unable to store jca connection in httpsession object.
    PK25740 Potential security exposure.
    PK25800 High cpu issue that can occur when
            setConsumeSubfragments is called extraneously.
    PK25804 After running websphere portal server for a couple of
            hours, it experiences a deadlock in dynacache.
    PK25824 Missing copyright information in
    PK25832 Add new extension point for cluster and cluster member
            deletion and creation.
    PK25854 Additional search facility for ldap.
    PK25868 When client uses servlet filter function they are
            receiving an error 500.
    PK25877 Problem with symbolic links in the install path.
    PK25939 EJB exception cntr0020e and cwsip0001e nested exception
            causes xa recovery to be unreliable.
    PK25944 Copy transaction attributes from ejb-jar.xml's remote
            interface to service endpoint interface.
    PK26053 Web service atomic transactions ( wsat ) may fail when
            using x509 certificates on a secure server.
    PK26074 Ibm-jaxrpc-client.jar requires wccm_base.jar when it
            should not.
    PK26085 The UDDIUserDefinedTaxonmyTool is mishandling multi-byte
            character set files.
    PK26117 Wsws5055e: could not find a service for namespace
    PK26123 Potential security exposure.
    PK26171 Migration needs to update hamanagerservice.xml.
    PK26230 Deployment manager (dmgr) startup is slow in large cells
    PK26236 GroupNameImpl not shipped in client install.
    PK26243 Activity sessions are left in a suspended state.
    PK26287 Excessive threads and connections seen in dmgr in mixed
            version cell.
    PK26295 Unknown headers are not correctly parsed if whitespace
            exists between the name and the colon delimiter.
    PK26311 Hamanager services gets diabled when core group service
            panel settings are modified.
    PK26322 Installing application with enterprise service bus
            causes problems installing next application without esb.
    PK26394 SIB getters fail under stress with errors j2ca0056i,
    PK26456 Asynchronous beans does not actually register itself
            with the container.
    PK26512 FindBugs tool throws DC_DOUBLECHECK on java file
            generated by WSDL2Java.
    PK26662 Viewing core group on administrative console can be slow
    PK26728 Error "the method attribute of an element had the value
            'xhtml'." thrown in system error log.
    PK26765 Encoding of o umlaut is not working properly for utf-8.
    PK26794 Accesscontrolexception calling
    PK26798 If an error occurs while the webcontainer is writing a
            response, it is possible that an infinite loop can occur
    PK26805 Performance changes : implementation of check for
            maxsendsize presently too costly.
    PK26807 Poor performance from cscopemetadatalistener during
            start of an ear which contains business process
    PK26924 If servlet serving by class is enabled and a null
            servlet name is specified, it will throw a
    PK26941 Remove unnecessary cluster-scoped resource resolution
            for non-clustered members.
    PK27020 Binding multiple homes from multiple applications
            simultaneoulsly may result in unexpected
    PK27039 The uddi v2 client uddi4jv2 does not handle dbcs values
            when using the ApacheAxisTransport.
    PK27109 Wsvr0017e and java.lang.nullpointerexception occur after
            upgrading to websphere application server version
    PK27355 Ims encountered out of memory exception when using
            web service engine.
    PK27527 Default content-type setting on version 6 is "text/plan"
            and in version 5 is "text/html." This APAR will allow
            for backward compatibility.
    PK27801 Some messages appear in English.
    PK28643 Findbyprimarykey can return wrong object when cache
            primary key updated by other than Application Server
    *** NOTE ***
    Additional information about the APARs listed above can be found
    in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located at URL:
    Once at this web page, the APAR search facility can be found in
    the "Self help" section under "Solve a problem". Click on
    "-> APARs" to access the APAR search faciltiy.
    Once the APAR search utility is accessed, APAR numbers from
    the above list can be used as "Additional search terms" to
    locate an APAR's associated documentation.

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PK29435 fixes various defects in WebSphere Application
    Server V6.0.1 for z/OS.
    APAR PK29435 is associated with Service Level (Fix Pack) (Build Level cf130631.22) of WebSphere Application
    Server V6.0.1 for z/OS.

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