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Error description

  • The customer has set up a team calender in notes, but when
    using inotes they have founf that the calendar displays
    differently depending on how it is accessed.
    -> if the user accesses their iNotes calendar and then opens
    the team calender it has a webmail type interface instead of
    the inotes interface.
    -> if the user accesses their inotes mailfile and then first
    opens the team calendar mailfile and then the calendar from
    there they get the inotes UI.
    The customer feels that it should have the same UI regardless
    of how it is accessed.
    Test Env:
    Server 8.5.3FP1 domino
    Template: mail853 (English)
    Browser: IE8 (issue is not browser dependant)
    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Set up a team calendar
    a) Create Team Calendar
    1. Select File > Application > New. Enter Server, Title, File
    name and select Mail (R8.5) as the template
    2. Team Calendar administrators should set $CSEnableSharedCal=1
    in their Notes.INI and restart Notes.
    Open the newly created team calendar, Select More > Preferences
    and on the Shared Calendar tab, check the option for "This
    application is a shared calendar". Click OK to close
    3.Add members to the team calendar by selecting More >
    Preferences, on the Access & Delegation tab add members to the
    team calendar with read and write access to the calendar (Read,
    create, edit and delete any Calendar Entry, To Do or Contact).
    (b) Create Mail-in database document
    1) Open the Domino Administrator client
    2) Open the server that the team calendar was created on
    3) In the Domino Directory, make sure you have, at a minimum,
    Author access with the following privileges and roles selected:
    - Create Documents privilege
    - NetCreator role
    - NetModifier role
    4) From the People & Groups tab of the Domino Administrator,
    choose the Mail-In Databases and Resources view
    5) Click Add Mail-In database
    6) On the Basics tab, complete the fields and then save the
    7) When you are finished, click Save & Close
    8) Close the Domino Administrator client and return to the
    Notes client
    (c)Change the owner of the Team Calendar
    1) Open the Team Calendar database
    2) Select More > Preferences
    3) Next to the Owner field click the Change button and then
    select the mail-in database name from the list.
    Note : You will presented with a dialog "Owner Name change",
    Select Yes
    (d)Add notes.ini settings to Domino server and client
    - Add the following notes.ini setting to both Domino server and
    Notes client : $TEAM_CALENDAR=1
    (e) Add the Team Calendar to your personal calendar
    1) Open your personal calendar
    2) In the navigator, Click Add a Calendar
    3) In the dialog that comes up, select Notes Teamroom calendar
    from the drop-down list
    4) Enter a label to add a title the calendar in your navigator
    5) Enter the Notes URL to where the Team Calendar exists. Click
    the Lookup button to assist with finding the database and
    entering the Notes URL
    6) Choose colors and icon and click OK. The entries from the
    Team Calendar will be added to your calendar if any exist
    (f) Create new entries in the Team Calendar
    1) You can add entries to the Team Calendar by selecting New >
    Events for Other Calendars > Team Calendar Name
    2) meeting form from within the Team Calendar will display.
    Enter meeting information and click Add Members to add all
    members of the Team Calendar
    2. Open an iNotes mailfile for a user that has access to the
    team calendar.
    (a) Test opening th calendar first:
    - Open the Calendar ->  "Other Calendars", Search for the
    name of the shared calendar and connect to it.
    ===> Calendar opens and shows like a webmail calendar
    Example URL:
    D2%26Tar getUNID%3D738CB93AE2E1B7F8852564B5001283E2%26AutoFramed
    (b) test opening the mail first:
    1. Open the iNotes mailfile to mail, select "othermail" ->
    "open mail for.."
    2. find the entry for the Team Calendar, and select ok, the
    mailfile opens
    3. Switch to the celendar mode, and the calendar appears with
    the iNotes interface
    Example URL:
    ===> so the display of the UI is different depending on if you
    open the team calendar initally from an inotes mail or calendar
    L2 also tested with the latest release of 8.5.3  (8.5.3FP3) and
    the issue is the same.
    L2 could not find any documentation to say that TeamCalendars
    are supported or not supported for use in iNotes.

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More support for: IBM Domino

Software version: 8.5.3

Reference #: LO74384

Modified date: 12 July 2013

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