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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Error Message: Crash in the VM's getOriginalROMMethod() method
    when executing getStackTrace()
    Other symptoms are possible as the problem allows the execution
    of code from an unloaded method using a 'this' pointer of an
    incompatible type.
    Stack Trace: {}{getOriginalROMMethod}
    The problem can only occur on PowerPC (AIX or LinuxPPC). Only
    the "default" 64bit JVM can experience a crash due to this
    problem. If the -Xcompressedrefs option was used then the
    problem can not possibly result in a crash or any other issue.

Local fix

  • The only way to avoid the problem is to use the compressedrefs
    JVM or the 32bit JVM. The compressedrefs JVM can be used by
    specifying the command line argument -Xcompressedrefs. Using the
    compressedrefs JVM is very unlikely to cause a performance
    regression, in fact, it is likely to show a performance
    improvement over the default 64bit JVM.

Problem summary

  • The JIT fails to properly patch a reference to a class that is
    being unloaded. If the memory space used by the unloaded class
    is reused to load a new class, and the new class is of the same
    class hierarchy as the unloaded class, then the code of the
    unloaded class could be executed when a reference to an object
    of the new class is passed to a JIT compiled method who had
    inlined a method from the unloaded class.

Problem conclusion

  • This defect will be fixed in:
    6.0.1 SR2
    6.0.0 SR11
    7.0.0 SR1
    The JIT was modified so that it correctly patches class
    references such that it is impossible for a patched reference to
    be mistaken for a class that was loaded in the same memory space
    as the unloaded class.

Temporary fix


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Applicable component levels

  • R260 PSY


  • R600 PSY


Document information

More support for: Runtimes for Java Technology
Just In Time (JIT) Compiler

Software version: 260

Reference #: IV14296

Modified date: 01 June 2012

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