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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • .
    19603 OPM Tune/TuneAll button must use 'externalIPAddress' for
    monitored database or browser URL for Repository database, OPM
    stand-alone must resolve localhost IP
    21082 View Configuration Changes links to an error popup in SQL
    21183 Exception on SQL details report - Remove hardcoded schema
    name for non-OPM environment
    21961 SQL dashboard's response time far beyond 4s in real time
    22012 system dashboard attaches prefix N/P for selected member
    in the detailed section - changed SYSTEM statements
    22675 DB2 9.7 Info center link is showed in the DB cfg report
    when generated for purescale
    22722 Missing/Unhelpful tooltips for some menus
    22893 No Error Message returned if Collection user has no
    privileges to create the UDFs on the DB2 z/OS monitored
    subsystem - Create the UDFs on monitored db if the database is
    zos and return exception if the user does not have enough
    22969 OQWT integration Tune button is not enabled on SQL details
    generated by Report Scheduler
    22970 SP related data displayed for non_calls
    23139 CDPMR0002E after creating/dropping DB2 z/OS connections
    23142 RollBack Transactions (%) value is showing more than 100%,
    which is showing different value on performance Overview Report
    for same DB and SAME report Period - fixed trx metrics (factor
    100 missing)
    23205 Progress Bar shows some same default message at the
    begining which is confusing
    23359 Product Setup > Monitoring Server - Make EI port read-only
    & remove links are to OPM IC - Make EI ports unchangable for
    PureSystem deployments, remove help links to OPM InfoCenter
    23639 multiple dashboards - critical error CDPMA5101E (metric
    results cannot be created) SQLcode -802 - no caching of column
    names for formulas
    23644 Configure Monitoring for DB2z does not consider secondary
    ids - Removed the GARNT privilege to RECFid and fixed the code
    to pop-up an error on the config wizard when setting the user
    23843 realtime on SQL Dashboard always shows 20 statements -
    Remove use of displayNumberSummaryRealtime variable
    23888 Algorithm for calculation and updating
    ELDEST_EXECUTION_CONTEXT_ID for SP monitoring is incorrect
    23933 pureScale page reclaim count always displays as null or
    zero in OPM 5.2
    23933 pureScale page reclaim count always displays as null or
    zero in OPM 5.2 - correct TABLE statement to select table and
    index page reclaim metrics
    24379 Update operational alert message text for EI timeout
    24427 Kerberos setup - Unable to connect to database from the
    dashboards due to privilege issue - Fixed the privilege
    exception with new or old security model when connected to
    kerberos database
    24943 no refresh of details area for SP calls
    24994 OPM with kerberos setup - NPE while switching from
    historical to real time mode - handle non-existing connection
    during pruneRealtimeConnection
    25075 Exception on WLM Workload Report, Work Action Set report
    and WLM Superclass Report generated by Scheduler
    25110 Table usage report details does not load when monitoring
    DB is a DPF, there are exceptions in the dsserver.log
    25203 SQL171 error message when monitoring pureScale system -
    changed sql collection statement
    25214 Database Connection Report (Snapshot) report generation is
    failing in Scheduler. - Condition check was expanded to PDF, PPT
    and XLS version of report
    25312 Custom tablespace creation and configuration for Event
    Monitors created by OPM - Add parameter to config REST service
    for custom event monitor table space
    25489 DSWC Menus (Current *) should be hidden / removed - Remove
    'Current *' tasks from PureSystem deployments
    25692 Report Scheduler is not enabled
    25696 Database description specified during db creation is not
    passed from Workload Console to OPM
    25919 SPs / swiitch to Average corrupts routine ID
    25923 dropinst fails
    25936 UDF "OPM.CAN_ENABLE_AUTOMATIC_COLLECTION" not created when
    migrating monitored db from to 5.2
    26093 Update OPM configuration templates for PureSystem
    deployments (T1DB, PureAnalytics, PureApp, SmartCloud) - Disable
    EI server Tx metrics - Change setting for PURE_DB_20 template
    and add SMART_CLOUD template
    26257 Slow overview dashboard - remove unnecessary joins
    26301 Database > Database Performance Monitor > Performance >
    Cross Database Reports - Debranding OPM issue
    26320 Cross Database Reports - Column charts do not identify
    what database each column represents rendering this chart of
    little benefit
    26373 Include Blackout Event task in T1DB - Add "Blackout Event"
    task in PureSystem deployments of OPM
    26379 SQL Execution Summary - "Show locking problems in detail"
    link on SQL Statements dashboard does not do anything or go
    anywhere - Add UI tracing for launching Tasks
    26444 locking / real-time - Fix to alerts details, alerts emails
    when other dashboards are in real-time mode

Local fix

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  • Install InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager version 5.3.0

Temporary fix


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  • R530 PSY


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More support for: Optim Performance Manager for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Software version: 520

Reference #: IC90311

Modified date: 08 July 2013

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