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IBM System Storage N series Interoperability Matrix - Gateway

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This interoperability matrix provides the latest information on hardware models and firmware versions of Switch and Storage array products that are currently qualified for use with IBM® System Storage™ N series storage systems with the gateway feature code.


The support information is organized into the following topics in this interoperability matrix:

Table of Contents

  1. Support Policies
  2. Back-end Storage
  3. Back-end Connectivity
  4. Fabric MetroCluster
  5. Stretch MetroCluster
  6. Alerts and Info
  7. Capacities
  8. Disclaimer

N series Interoperability Matrix - Gateway


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More support for: Data ONTAP
Interoperability Matrix

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Operating system(s): Data ONTAP

Reference #: S7003656

Modified date: 15 December 2015

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