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IBM Tape Device Drivers Installation and User's Guide



The Installation and User's Guide provides user information and installation assistance for IBM tape drive, medium changer, and library device drivers.


The IBM tape and medium changer device drivers are designed specifically to take
advantage of the features provided by the IBM tape drives and medium changer
devices. The goal is to give applications access to the functions required for basic
tape functions (such as backup and restore) and medium changer operations (such
as cartridge mount and demount), as well as to the advanced functions needed by
full tape management systems. Whenever possible, the driver is designed to take
advantage of the device features transparent to the application.

Please note that some independent software vendor (ISV) applications have certain
device driver requirements. Before you install the device drivers, please refer to the
ISV web site or their support to find out what device drivers should be used for the ISV.

To review the Installation and User's Guide, see the PDF document below.

To access device drivers click on the appropriate web link..

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IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool ITDT
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TS1140 Tape Drive
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TS2360 Tape Drive
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TS4300 Tape Library
TS3500 Tape Library
TS2270 Tape Drive
TS2900 Tape Autoloader Express
TS2280 Tape Drive Platform Independent All Versions

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