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Data ONTAP 7.1.3 Gateway Publication Matrix

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This matrix contains alerts, news, and documentation for the Data ONTAP® 7.1.3 release installed on IBM® System Storage™ N series Gateway storage systems.


Data ONTAP 7.1.3 Gateway Publications
  1. System environmental policy cannot read PSU temperature or PSU temperature sensor not responding
  2. Important information for customers using IBM Deduplication for N series
  3. Loss of access to "back-end" disk system LUNs from IBM System Storage N series gateways when upgrading IBM TotalStorage SAN256B Director to firmware level 5.2.1b or higher
  4. Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes for Data ONTAP

  • Data ONTAP 7.1.3 is a General Availability (GA) release in the Data ONTAP 7.1 release family. Refer to the Data ONTAP Release Model for additional information about the GA designation of a Maintenance Release. This release contains fixes for functionality defects as well as security vulnerabilities. Customers running prior versions of Data ONTAP 7.1 are strongly recommended to upgrade to Data ONTAP 7.1.3, as soon as feasible, if their platforms are supported in Data ONTAP 7.1.3. Refer to the Release Notes for further details about this release and any limitations.
  • Data ONTAP 7.1.3 supports the N3700, N5200 and N5500 platforms for those customers who need to remain on the Data ONTAP 7.1 release family.
  • Do not install Data ONTAP 7.1.3 on the N3300, N3600, N5300, N5600, N7600, N7700, N7800 or N7900 platforms; these products require the or later releases.
Data ONTAP software packages are available for download using the "Software Packages ...." link from the Download task of the N series Support Website. Refer to the important information for N series support for step-by-step instructions explaining how to access software packages as part of the complete instructions for entitlement and registration. When following the step-by-step instructions, select the Data ONTAP 7.1.3 software package from the N series and related Host Software Downloads - Pick page. Download the files for the appropriate upgrade image and install them using the installation instructions found in the Upgrade Guide and Software Setup Guide.
General Information
N series Introduction and Planning Guide

Note: The use of Data ONTAP is specific to the N series hardware platform on which it is installed. Refer to the N series product support pages for other related hardware information.
N series Interoperability Matrices
General information for license key management

Note: General information includes how to obtain license keys and resolve problems with their use. Specific information on the licenses required for the Data ONTAP is also provided in this publication.
Data ONTAP Time Zone Download/Installation Instructions
Data ONTAP 7.1.3 Gateway Release Notes
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Planning Guide
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Upgrade Guide
Data ONTAP 7.1.3 Filer Publication Matrix

Note: Several Filer publications also apply to Gateway systems; refer to the Filer Publications for these documents.
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Software Setup, Installation, and Management Guide
Storage Management
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Integration Guide for IBM Storage
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Integration Guide for Hitachi Storage
Data ONTAP 7.1 Gateway Integration Guide for HP Storage

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Version: 7.1.3

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Modified date: 11 February 2011