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7210 Model 025 DVD-RAM Drive Setup and Operator Guide



This guide describes how to install and use the 7210 Model 025 DVD-RAM Drive.

The 7210 Model 025 DVD-RAM Drive is an external storage device that connects to an IBM host system and stores additional data using a small computer system interface-2 (SCSI-2). The 7210 DVD-RAM Drive operates at speeds dependant on the type of media used.

CD-ROM media maximum speed is 3.6 MB/second
DVD-ROM media maximum speed is 2.7 MB/second
DVD-RAM media maximum speed is 1.3 MB/second Write, 2.7 MB/second Read

The media used in this device determines the operations possible. The 7210 DVD-RAM Drive can read and write to DVD-RAM media. The 7210 DVD-RAM Drive can only read media marked as CD-R, CD-R/W, and CD-ROM. The 7210 DVD-RAM Drive supports the distribution and use of on-line databases, such as an on-line reference for a softcopy publication.


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