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DS6000 Microcode Release

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Microcode Release containing DS6000 Microcode, DS6000 Storage Manager and DSCLI

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This is in a combined bundle with a version of It contains 3 parts that must be installed. DS6000 Functional Microcode version which is installed in the DS6000 itself, DS6000 Storage Manager Version which is installed on the Systems Management Console (SMC), and the DS CLI Software version which is installed on the Systems Management Console as well as any other machines wishing to use the CLI to administer the DS6000. This version of DSCLI is for Windows, Netware, and UNIX Platforms.

This version of microcode now fully supports the Infocenter.

Bundle introduced Modem Call Home. This is a new feature which allows the SMC Management PC to use an IBM approved modem to place a phone call to IBM when your DS6000 experiences a problem. Please see section 12 in the release notes for information on how to setup and configure Modem Call Home.

Please see the change history in section 6 of the release notes for a listing of the new features that have been added to this microcode release.

IBM supports concurrent code load of bundle if Microcode level 6.0.600.24 or higher has been previously loaded. Customers at lower levels will need to load version 6.0.700.22 before loading this code concurrently.

Please do not hesitate to contact your IBM sales representative or IBM Business Partner for details and pricing on the DS6800 service upgrades.

Concurrent Code Load Support Chart:

Supported with multi-pathing software (SDD or native multi-pathing such as HP PV-Links, AIX MPIO, Sun MPxIO) and multiple physical paths to the DS6000.

Requires 6.0.600.24 on the DS6000 as a prerequisite. See Section 10 in the release notes for specific notes on Linux.

iSeries (OS/400):
Supported with version OS/400 V5R2 only with a SAN backup-link solution, i.e. for each iSeries HBA two links from the switch to different DS6000 controllers. Direct connect configurations are only supported with OS/400 V5R3 or higher multi-pathing to different DS6000 controllers.

zSeries (S/390):
Supported, but no CUIR. IOS Path recovery messages will be seen on the system console. Please ignore these messages and allow the system to recover the paths. The paths to controller 0 (top) will be taken off-line twice. The paths to controller 1 (bottom) will be taken off-line once. [Controller 0 off-line => controller 0 on-line => controller 1 off-line => controller 1 on-line => controller 0 off-line => controller 0 on-line] Driver 55 MCL's J13479.011 and J13480.014 are required to be installed for the attachment of the DS6000/DS8000 DASD to the 2084/2086 systems. Those MCL's fix a problem during FICON channel error recovery where a customer could lose Logical Path to the Device. Other zSeries machines do not have a MCL prerequisite at this time.

SVC (2145):
Supported if there are multiple paths from the SVC to the DS6000.

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