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DSCLI - DS8000 Command Line Interface program Download

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Information on getting a download copy of DS8000 DSCLI

Download Description


Two options for getting versions of DS8000 DSCLI software:

1. Ask your Service Representative for a copy of the CDROM version,

2. FTP download. See instructions below.

Only Current versions of DS8000 DSCLI software will be available for down loading.


Refer to the README file any prerequisites. This is part of the ISO CD-ROM Image.

Installation Instructions

Follow the steps below to determine which level of DSCLI and how to down load it.

Step 1:
---- Determine the level of DS8000 Code Bundle that you wish to match from the tables below.
Please see the DS8000 Documentation for full details or contact your Storage representative.

---- Note: For levels not shown contact your Service Representative.

Release 4.3

DS8000 Code
SEA or LMC Version:
Use with dscli ver command
on customer workstation

Download package

Step 2:

Select the Download Options FTP, for all available download levels.

Step 3:
---- You must create a CDROM image from the ISO file.

---- All the needed information for installation is contained on the iso image and is available for viewing
after you create the CDROM image.

Platform Windows Version Independent
Byte Size 232858
Date 3/30/2009

DS8000 DSCLI Download Site FTP

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Disk Storage Systems TotalStorage DS8300 Not Applicable N/A Version Independent N/A

Document information

More support for: System Storage and TotalStorage DS8100 series

Version: Not Applicable

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: S4000641

Modified date: 21 February 2012

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