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Changes in SAN b-type License Activation and Transfer.



Changes to the manner in which IBM SAN b-type switch license activation and transfers will become effective in starting on January 3, 2017. The changes are described below.


New License Activations
IBM SAN b-type license activations will be performed at the following URL

This site will require registration, which requires a valid email account.

When registering, IBM customers may encounter the following on the Create Brocade Account screen.

  • Brocade Partner Network Membership - this is not required.
  • Online Support Tools - again, this is not required.

A message that indicates "Our records show your company's Brocade Partner Network Channel Program approval is pending." can also be ignored as it does not impact ability to register. registration.

Once the account is confirmed, the above URL will land directly on the license activation page after logging in.

Transfers of Existing Licenses to FRU and CRU Units

Additionally, transfers of existing licenses to field replaceable units (FRUs) will require IBM support assistance and can no longer be performed by end users via web site. Customer replaceable units (CRUs) that require license transfers will also require that the customer contact IBM support for assistance.

The above is a requirement for license transfers only, Activation of newly purchased licences should not require IBM support assistance..

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN Fibre Channel Director
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN Fibre Channel Switch
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN Router
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN24B-5 Switch (2498-F24)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN256B-6 Director (8961-F04)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN32B-E4 (2498-E32)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN384B-2 Fabric Backbone (2499-416)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN42B-R (2498-R42)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN48B-5 Switch (2498-F48)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN512B-6 Director (8961-F08)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN64B-6 Switch (8960-F64-N64)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN768B-2 Fabric Backbone (2499-816)
Storage Area Networks (SAN) SAN96B-5 Switch (2498-F96-N96)

Document information

More support for: SAN512B-6 Director (8961-F08)

Version: Version Independent

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: S1009674

Modified date: 04 January 2017

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