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H194543: DS3000 system memory cache battery option (39R6519)

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RETAIN tip: H194543


This RETAIN tip discusses various aspects related to the use and replacement of the DS3000 Cache Battery (39R6519).


The system may be any of the following IBM servers:

  • DS3200, Type 1726, any model
  • DS3300, Type 1726, any model
  • DS3400, Type 1726, any model

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM Options:
  • DS3000 System Memory Cache Battery, Option 39R6519
  • BladeCenter Boot Disk System, Option 172622B

Resolving the problem

IBM System Storage DS3200, DS3300, and DS3400 support single or dual Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) controllers. Each controller has 512 megabytes (MB) of cache (upgradeable to 1 gigabyte (GB)) and a Smart cache battery pre-installed. The battery is designed to have a life expectancy of two (2) years and to maintain the data in cache for up to three (3) days in the event of a power outage.

Users are encouraged to install controller firmware version or later to take advantage of the Smart Battery Learn Cycle technology, which monitors battery life. The Smart battery, along with code level or later, performs a battery discharge and charge function every 13 weeks, which allows the system to more accurately calculate the life of the battery. Note that the write cache function is suspended during the battery learn cycle and performance may be impacted. If a user wishes to disable the battery learn cycle so that the write cache function is not suspended, then refer to RETAIN tip H195594 for a description of how to accomplish that.

The replacement batteries are an option that the user must purchase. The user must purchase DS3000 System Memory Cache Battery, Option 39R6519, as the replacement battery.

Note: A very small subset of users at the very beginning of the product life may have received a version of the battery that does not support the Smart Battery Learn Cycle technology. One way to verify this is a visual inspection of the battery. The Smart battery version is identified on the part by label, 16353-04 or later. Another method for verifying installation of the Smart Battery is to check Storage Manager for the information on the Battery Learn Cycle. This information can be found on the Tools tab under Change Battery Settings.

When running controller firmware level before or with while the Smart Battery Learn Cycle is disabled on controller firmware and higher:

IBM DS Storage Manager is designed to alert the user that the batteries have expired and should be replaced. IBM recommends to replace the battery after the expiration warning message is received. Users will have to order the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) option, Option 39R6519, via IBM Direct or their DS3000 Business Partner.

When running controller firmware level and higher:

With Smart Battery Learn Cycle enabled, users no longer need to rely on the time expiration battery strategy. If the expiration timer still appears and nears expiration then reset the timer since its importance is superseded by the Smart Battery Learn cycle. With Smart batteries, the system will provide an error message once the battery is no longer able to maintain the up time requirement of 72 hours. Replace the battery option if you receive a "Defective Battery" error message. Below is an example of a "Defective Battery" error message at this level of code:

"Defective" Battery
EVENT SYNOPSIS: Battery Replacement Required
ADDITIONAL EVENT DETAILS: The Failure Type Entry will identify the affected battery component.

There is one entry for each affected component. Each entry is persistent as long as the condition is present. The reason code distinguishes between the following events:
1. Full charge capacity is below the replacement capacity.
2. Incorrect replacement battery type.
3. Improperly configured smart battery circuit (e.g. invalid parameters in data flash).

To order the cache battery from North America, contact your local IBM Representative, Business Partner, or IBM Direct (1-800-656-0833).

To order the cache battery from all other countries, contact your local IBM Representative or Business Partner.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Disk Storage Systems BladeCenter Boot Disk System Platform Independent Version Independent
Disk Storage Systems DS3200 Platform Independent Version Independent
Disk Storage Systems DS3300 Platform Independent Version Independent

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