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iSCSI Hosts That Use SCSI-2 Reservations Are Not Supported with V6.4.0.0 or V6.4.0.1

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An issue exists in Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller V6.4.0.0 and V6.4.0.1 that can cause severe performance impacts to iSCSI-connected hosts that use SCSI-2 reservations.

Examples of iSCSI host types that are known to use SCSI-2 reservations include VMware and some host clustering technologies.


Host types that use SCSI-2 reservations will be unable to clear these reservations when connected via iSCSI to a Storwize V7000 or SAN Volume Controller system running V6.4.0.0 or V6.4.0.1.

This may lead to severe performance impacts on an affected host as it repeatedly attempts and fails to clear reservations.


V6.3.0.x and earlier are unaffected by this issue.

This issue was resolved by APAR IC84909 in the V6.4.0.2 PTF release.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Storage Virtualization SAN Volume Controller 6.4 SAN Volume Controller 6.4

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More support for: IBM Storwize V7000 (2076)

Version: 6.4

Operating system(s): IBM Storwize V7000

Reference #: S1004133

Modified date: 14 July 2012