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N6200 series critical battery firmware update available that eliminates battery FCMTO error condition

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A new battery firmware for N6200 series, revision 0x00d3, has been released that eliminates the Fast Charge Mode Time Out (FCMTO) error condition. Your system must be updated with this new battery firmware as soon as possible to avoid encountering an FCMTO error condition.


Systems Affected
All N6200 series systems (N6210, N6240 and N6270 filer and gateway) shipped prior to March 2012.

Problem Description

An issue has been identified in N6200 series that can lead to a low battery capacity (charge) condition. This is caused by an Fast Charge Mode Time Out (FCMTO) error condition of the battery, resulting in the battery not being charged as expected. The system issues a low-level warning if the battery capacity drains to 80 hours runtime. If no action is taken and the battery continues to drain to a critical low level of 72 hours runtime, the system initiates a 24-hour shut-down sequence as a protective measure to safeguard NVRAM.


Service Processor release which includes fix for this problem
Service Processor firmware revision 1.3 includes the updated battery firmware that addresses this issue. The battery firmware is automatically installed as a part of the Service Processor firmware installation. Service Processor firmware version 1.3 is available for download from the IBM Support Site. N6200 systems should install SP firmware revision 1.3 or higher.

The new battery firmware was made available in a stand-alone form prior to being included with Service Processor 1.3 which is the preferred method to install updated battery firmware. The stand-alone battery firmware will continue to available and posted on the N series download site for a period of time. Detailed instructions are provided in Technote N6200 series: Issue with NVMEM battery capacity and FCMTO error condition (S1004006). Note, installation of stand-alone battery firmware requires the Service Processor to be able to connect to an internal Web server, this is not required to install Service Processor firmware.


A workaround has been identified for any system that encounters an FCMTO error condition and that cannot be immediately updated with the new battery firmware. This workaround allows normal system operation on systems that does not have Service Processor firmware package revision 1.3 installed. Detailed instructions for the workaround are provided in Technote N6200 series system warning message: NVMEM battery is low on power and should be replaced as soon as practical (S1003985).

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Network Attached Storage (NAS) System Storage N6240 M/T 2858-E11- C21- E21
Network Attached Storage (NAS) System Storage N6270 M/T 2858-E12- C22- E22

Document information

More support for: System Storage N6210 M/T 2858-C10- C20

Version: 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.3

Operating system(s): Data ONTAP

Reference #: S1004007

Modified date: 19 July 2012

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