All Nodes May Reboot Simultaneously When Using FlashCopy Consistency Groups With V6.2.0.3

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A simultaneous reboot of all nodes may occur if a FlashCopy consistency group is stopped without the use of the -force flag, or a target FlashCopy Volume is taken offline.


An issue exists in V6.2.0.3 only, in which all nodes may reboot simultaneously if either a FlashCopy consistency group is stopped without specifying the -force flag, or a FlashCopy target Volume that resides in a FlashCopy consistency group goes offline. This will result in a temporary, self-recovering loss of host access to all Volumes.

Since it is not always possible to predict when a FlashCopy target Volume offline event will occur, it is strongly recommended that all customers using FlashCopy consistency groups upgrade to a level of code containing the fix for this issue as soon as possible.


The only guaranteed workaround is to avoid the use of FlashCopy consistency groups altogether until the code has been upgraded to a level containing the fix.

If this is not practical, then at the very minimum the use of the -force flag should always be employed when issuing commands to stop FlashCopy consistency groups.


This issue is fixed by APAR IC78962 in the V6.2.0.4 PTF release.

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Storage Virtualization SAN Volume Controller 6.2 SAN Volume Controller 6.2

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