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Disk Space Low Warning When Upgrading From SAN Volume Controller V5.1.0.x to V6.x

Technote (troubleshooting)


A 'Disk Space Low' warning may be seen in the SVC Console when upgrading a SAN Volume Controller cluster from V5.1.0.6 or V5.1.0.7 to V6.x


The SAN Volume Controller software automatically checks the amount of disk space available for upgrade packages on the configuration node. A warning message is displayed on the Upgrade Software panel in the SVC Console (GUI) when disk space is low.

The V5.1.0.6 and V5.1.0.7 releases do not account for the larger file sizes of the V6.x upgrade packages and may display a low disk space warning after the upgrade package has been uploaded to the cluster.

Resolving the problem

This warning can be safely ignored. The warning threshold was updated in V5.1.0.8 release of the SAN Volume Controller software.

Document information

More support for: SAN Volume Controller

Version: V5.1.x

Operating system(s): SAN Volume Controller

Reference #: S1003723

Modified date: 15 June 2012

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