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How To Avoid Potential Problems During a Data Migration to an XIV Storage System

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During a data migration, multiple paths can be used between the XIV storage system and the source storage system that data is being migrated from. If a given LUN ID exposes different volumes on the source system, the XIV storage system will treat the different source volumes as single volume. This may result in corruption of the destination volume.

If the source updating option is set, the data of the source volume will be impacted.

Resolving the problem

A check for this scenario is planned in future release.
Until the check is available, you should verify that the same SCSI LUN ID is used on all paths to expose a given volume on the source system and that a different SCSI LUN ID is used for each volume on the source system.

    Please refer to the data migration chapter of the IBM Redbook IBM XIV Storage System: Copy Services and Migration , in particular Section 7.2.

    This IBM Redbook and many other may be obtained at

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