AIX SDD Version cannot be deinstalled due to sddsrv respawning incorrectly

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An attempt to deinstall SDD version will fail due to sddsrv respawning incorrectly


Problem: Customers who have installed the AIX SDD version and wish to de-install the product will encounter problems doing so. In order to successfully remove the product from the AIX system the following steps need to be taken:


Follow the remove SDD procedure in the Multipath Subsystem Device Driver User's Guide Chapter 2: Section - Removing SDD from an AIX host system

Use the following steps to stop sddsrv for Step 3.

1. If you find the following line in /etc/inittab, remove the line:

sddsrv:2:respawn:/usr/bin/startsrc -s sddsrv -e XPG_SUS_ENV=ON > /dev/null 2>&1

2. Close the inittab file

3. Enter the command telinit q

3. Enter the command stopsrc -s sddsrv

Recommended Fix

Please download and install version -, which is currently available

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System Storage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver

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AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3/6.1

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