TS2240 Tape Drive Code Fixlist

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TS2240 Tape Drive Code Fixlist


In order to provide maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended that the latest version of microcode is installed on your IBM LTO tape devices. These firmware updates are intended to, among other things, increase overall reliability, improve tape handling, further reduce any possibility of data errors, and provide continued enhancements to diagnostic capabilities.

Note: After GEN4 Drive Code 7A31 or later is installed, code down leveling to a code prior to this will not be possible. This is a result of the code being signed for the FIPS Certification process. FIPS is the US government regulation for Information protection and has certain requirements in order to get certified. Development has insured that all previous fixes are in the 7A31 code level or later so there should be no reason to back level to an earlier code level.

Note: Depending if your tape drive is standalone or in a library, will determine what drive code should be installed and is supported. See you tape product's web page for guidance.

Drive Code Level: A233 (TS2240 only)
  • Add tracing for FSC 7016
  • Internal change for motor inertia for reduction of FSC 2EXX
  • ERP for write perms related to WORM media
  • Internal Channel enhancements RW performance
  • Change Drive fence condition after servo events - Continued enhancement to prevent perceived stuck tape FSC 2Exx
  • Additional ADI enhancements
  • Encryption Behavior - Get/Set behavior
  • Encryption Configuration mode page change - For displaying current drive Encryption configuration
  • Add Mode Page 30 Subpage 20 (Encryption Configuration)
  • ADI - Support Verify command
  • Drive reported a FSC 78B5/6353 on Space command
  • Check Offset and Length to avoid exception
  • SAS enhancements from protocol testing
  • Fix for FSC 7167
  • New Implementation: Encryption Configuration mode page
  • Internal Fibre Channel enhancements related to buffer management during ERP recovery
  • Enhancement to prevent stuck tape problem
  • SAS using 6Gb LSI HBA encountered a hang condition
  • Write hang caused by too many Abort Task Set - multiple drives on SAN issuing the commands repeatedly causes the write hang
  • FSC 6000 when CM page is corrupted
  • Trace enhancement
  • Motor calibration enhancement - not field related
  • Enhancements to Rolling calibration - FSC 706x errors
  • Drive reported wrong FSC 7830, should be 78E3, this is a rare case
  • ADI: release timed out exchange - Nak for invalid exchange
  • Fix for Hang on Write File Mark
  • Correct LTO sync event counter logging to page 0x3C
  • LUN1: Further parsing of dev id command
  • Failure during calibration due to Servo error. This can effect POST 'A', 'B' tests and sometimes normal operation
  • Fix for FSC 1606 in 2009 and newer drives
  • Change SK/ASC/ASCQ for FSC 4822/4823
  • Overlapped Command error fix for the following command sequence:
    1. The host send the command without disconnect privilege (DISCPRIV) bit in the Identify message.
    2. The drive is in the turbo mode.
    3. The drive detects the FM during read.
  • File mark logged incorrectly (internal not customer seen)
  • Write Filemarks with encryption enabled can sometimes return an error
  • Library Mode - Allow changing the SCSI ID when drive is offline
  • Fibre Channel fix to correct turbo transfer timeout logic
  • Requested data size was transferred in spite of ILI being enabled

Drive Code Level: 97F3 (TS2240/TS3100/TS3200 only)
  • FSC 7167 Read while write check fails
  • FSC 2E05 Removal of trap code
  • FSC 5076 EOD detect after extended Recovery time as a result of previous write failure
  • Reservation comands - PRO command does not ignore the Scope field
  • SCD6 (Broken tape recovery) enhancement to recovery
  • Internal code enhancements
  • Encryption Enhacement not noticable by customer
  • Externally queued commands sometimes do not execute. Would manifest as a time out at the host
  • Continued enhancement to error recovery during write procedures
  • Fibre Channel - Handle internal Transfer error if no class3 error recovery
  • Library/LUN1 - logout when out of exchanges from ignored lun1. Result of failure is a possible drive reset.
  • Unload hang after unthread failure, manifests as an unload time out
  • Drive internal command change, no customer impact
  • FSC 7060 Channel enhancements, reduce read perms
  • Parameters related to tape capacity (0x0C thru 0x11) in Log Page 0x38 are always 0 (Zero)
  • Internal drive error on unload causes a drive reset, manifests as an I/O error at the host.
  • Encryption Enhancement Fail Safe function for unexpected key transition. Perverse case with no customer impact
  • FSC 6602 Internal Format comparison results in new FSC implementation hit. No impact to customer.
  • U320: Fix auto-online function, SCSI address for U320
  • FSC 78B5 Incorrect servo value passed during long locate with estimated LPOS being used internal to the drive.
  • FSC 1602 Caused by Recoverred error during read
  • FSC 1602 Caused by Recoverred error, added write mode check
  • FSC 7370 Write format error during Long Erase.
  • Fibre Channel: Drive resets when resetting PL module while turbo enable, could result in a host timeout on write
  • Internal drive logging enhancement
  • Library/ADC - Drive port offline command did not fully disable the requested port. Could result in a second device resetting the drive if physically connected.
  • Write failure during encryption write as a result of the dataset meeting end of wrap. Very rare and only seen in stress testing. FSC 7551/7035
  • Internal code format change, no customer impact
  • FSC 7167 Read perm as a result of not seeing a end of file mark while in ERP
  • Servo tracing enhancement, not impacting to customer
  • SAS: Drive did not detect a hard reset from the HBA, this is very rare as most HBAs do not issue a hard reset
  • FSC 5350 Servo check at POST
  • FSC 6600 Write reposition during normal write operations can cause a internal error resulting in this error.
  • SCSI: Fix report timestamp for SCSI drives
  • LDI: Make log page 0x11, 0x14, 0x16 available over LDI
  • ADI not responding when read buffer to the Cartridge memory is issued directly after powering on the drive.
  • LIB: Fix LDI logsense for certain pages
  • Write Attribute Failure with Gen2 Cartridge
  • FSC 78xx Servo enhacement in error recovery code
  • Lower Sticky-rechuck holdoff threshold in write mode
  • FSC 5350 POST motor test failure due to incorrect values - Full High drive change only.
  • Internal command enhancements, not customer impacting
  • Invalid Send Diagnostics CDB during cleaning causes failure with NetBackup. This is a change in the drive when NBU has been updated past NBU6.x
  • U320 only: Host I/O error reported on write of zero length
  • Corrections for inquiry page 0x87 for LUN0 and LUN2
  • Read and Write Channel improvements
  • Add ERP for FSC 2E03 where leader block is not able to reach pick position
  • After a write is aborted, the drive can sometimes end up in a hung state. This can result in a timeout at the host.
  • U320: Panic in external interface can cause a host I/O error
  • LIB: Increase buffer size for Read Element Status processing to > 20000 elements
  • FSC 7837 Fix for servo tracking on read
  • Enhance FSC 4822 and 4823 reporting behavior, in some rare instances the previous enhancement would report repeated FSC's 4825 or 4826 which could also result in excessive cleaning
  • MED: Disable RewriteMax detection unexpectedly
  • LDI/Library: Permission Denied by Task Management at Turbo Exit
  • Improvement in error reporting: Separate FSC 7035 by error reason
  • Write File Mark timeout - Drive code has problem when host send overlapped command in unbuffered mode write. The problem occurs if the overlapped command is issued immediately before the drive returns status. Drive should return "Overlapped commands attempted", but could not remove previous command from queue.
  • ADI: Fix aborting correct exchange with new login
  • FSC 7210 Internal error on a fibre channel error results in a drive failure
  • U320: Internal error causes Host I/O timeout.
  • Stress load condition of loading a cartridge and removing it as the load starts causes a queue hang internal to the drive. This will manifest as a host timeout or the appearance of an inoperable drive.
  • FSC 78B5 High stress tape can cause servo error when used in aggressive back and forth motion.
  • Enhancement for end of tape handling, improving media control
  • Parameter 0x05 of Log Page 0x02/0x03 should be K-bytes from/to host. This is a correction to match the drive specification
  • Non-zero values in the parameter pointer field
  • FSC 78xx/ "stuck tape" - Change fence behavior on certain Servo failures to allow load and/or unload
  • Fix for unthread failure as a result of queue internal to drive timeout

Drive Code Level: 94D1 (TS2240 Standalone Drives only)
  • Code: Channel change to handle Servo errors more efficiently
  • ADI: Support Set/Report Timestamp. Completed Implementation
  • Rapid OX_ID reuse causes a drive failure on systems that do not use OX_ID schema
  • Log page 0x38 does not get updated
  • Change for enhancing anti-stiction scheme to be more efficient
  • Code: Channel improvement for Calibrations
  • U320: DMA Transfer failure causes a bus failure
  • T10 over ADI enhancement (new encryption guard feature)
  • Fix FSC 5500 during a write pass
  • Drive Dump enhancement for field problem FA
  • Write perm at beginning of Tape
  • Boot enhancement for running all tests
  • Add FIPS indication to drive status
  • Fibre: Port enable setting not working
  • LIB: On command timeout, command complete sent twice causes panic
  • Read hung after gen1 cart manual load
  • Enhancements to threading and reel motor monitoring to avoid possibility of tape unspool
  • FSC 605E during write
  • Code: Channel fix for 8 Track mode reads for improved C2 correctable errors (not noticeable to customer)
  • Performance improvement (1GB, 80byte, 1GB, 80byte seq)
  • LIB: Not clearing rcv buffer before sending config request
  • FSC 7830 during read operation
  • Allow crypto initialize in AME mode w/out reboot (not noticeable by IBM customers)
  • LIB: Set Config add bytes 66-67 to decode
  • Added TA12 to FSC 2C0D - FMR cart at wrong time
  • Code: Adjustment to head position at beginning of tape operation (not noticeable by customer)
  • Fix Timeout during rewind from EOT
  • Change IBM legacy cleaning cycle to 2 (was 5) (not noticeable by customer)
  • Code: Channel Calibration enhancement
  • Support SAS-2 HBAs
  • Change servo settings during ERP for recoverable errors
  • Code: Channel SNRa bias change improves overall write and read quality
  • Fix servo static gain programming + remove FIR gain-shift logic (improved servo tracking not noticeable to customer)
  • Error recovery during rolling calibration with many backhitches on a single wrap.
  • Library: Exception on allocate buffer. (SRR for RES command) causes system hang
  • LIB: Not clearing riops on Receive Diagnostics LDI maintenance
  • Allow auto-unthread at fence condition due to servo fatal error, improvement for many "stuck tape" conditions that require a drive power cycle to recover.
  • Add Cartridge Serial Number in Sense data
  • Aborts for status caused command stuck.
  • T10 Block code continued enhancement
  • Execute new Channel test on Drive POST
  • FSC 2E05 causes failure during thread operation
  • Fibre Panic FC00 during Read (appears as drive hang)
  • Enhancement to move calibration from Speed 1 when a channel degradation is detected.
  • Degraded performance on Read operation
  • FSC 7265 fix
  • FSC 7060 observed during read operation
  • LIB: Command queue stuck if Read Element Status is aborted
  • LIB: Lib encryption messages being rejected after one failure
  • Wrong LPOS used during Long-Erase when error occurs at track turn
  • Can't unload cart. when using long MAM attributes
  • FSC 7060 during read operation
  • U320: SCSI_RESET causes drive hung
  • MED: Enter append mode when there is at lease one pending DS.
  • U320: Drive hang during normal read and write operations
  • Code: Channel gain enhancement (not noticeable to customer)
  • Improved Calibration testing
  • Rolling calibration should be disabled when ERP is limited
  • Improve error recovery monitoring
  • FSC 4822/4823 reporting behavior, corrects an issue with incorrectly reported permanent drive degradation
  • AME mode not available if VPD parms set to zero
  • FSC 1050 only seen during drive testing with illegal environment
  • LIB: Reduce tracing of LDI read buffer command
  • FSC 7855 servo failure during normal operations
  • Queued commands not executed after Long erase and aborts issued during long erase.
  • Half High only: Library control WWNN
  • Fix saturating in curve fit function for Vw calibration
  • Multiple enhancements to improve channel operation (improve read and write quality)
  • Correction of Log Counters biased to servo error counters to improve error recovery schemes (not noticeable to customer)
  • Encryption data processing enhancement
  • Improve channel operation (improve read and write quality)
  • Timeout in unload after auto unthread fail
  • FSC 605E Media processing failure in code during read
  • Channel code clean-up for code quality only
  • Fixed Deferred Error problem
  • Read error recovery procedure enhancement
  • Unload timeout after unthread failure
  • Head Stopper interferes with Threader during a clean operation, can cause a stuck cleaner tape
  • Mode Page enumeration mismatch
  • Lib: Increase buffer size for Read Element Status command - allow 7000 elements
  • Ensure engineering log is sorted correctly
  • SCSI: Hang in SCSI interface during unload command
  • Lib: Fix mode page 3F for returning subpages correctly
  • Fix CHN_DC_Balance_FIR
  • Read error recovery procedure enhancement
  • Write error recovery procedure enhancement
  • Fibre Channel Quality enhancements
  • LIB: Return maint status good when log sense alloc lenght=0
  • U320: SCSI drive no longer comes on-line to SCSI Interface
  • ADI: Mode page offline should be only for the primary port.
  • Keep VHF data in transition until emergency unload
  • ADI: NAKs on wrong frame expected repeating
  • CRYPTO: Preserve WRT mode during init for OEM drives
  • Fibre: Handle internal transfer error if no class3 error recovery is enabled on the host interface. OX_ID not sequenced causes this error
  • ADI: Logout when out of exchanges from ignored
  • Unload hang after unthread failure
  • Read/Write Channel enhancement
  • Parameters related to tape capacity (0x0c thru 0x11) in Log Page x38
  • Encryption enhancement as a result of continued Development testing
  • Drive resets as a result of a code hole after a write flush
  • U320: Fix auto-online function, SCSI address
  • SAS: Drive resets when resetting PL module while turbo enable. This only happens in a 2 step process followed by a cable pull

Drive Code Level: 89B1 (TS2240 Standalone Drives and TS2900 only)
  • Implement substrate voltage measurement during POST - This is for Dump analysis measurements only
  • Fibre Channel - Rapid re-use of OX_IDs can cause lost or orphaned exchange. This is seen when OX_ID is reused with no sequencing and causes a drive hang
  • Rapid OX_ID continued enhancement
  • Channel enhancements for write and read improvements
  • ERP enhancement for triggering Dataset calibration
  • SCD 'P' required in the beginning of selftest, Maintenance mode 1 if media is write protected
  • FSC 7060 during ERP on speed change
  • Change code to Not test open writers on Card POST
  • Change delay time prior to unload based on the amount of time spent dwelling on tape
  • Rare occurrence of 783x temporary errors on write passes
  • Fix for read Perm during normal read operations
  • Incorrect post failure reported
  • Improved Calibration output
  • Improve POST checking of Hardware, this may increase 53xx errors when related to real hardware failures but reduce field perm incident as a result
  • IO error during DPF on SAS LTO4 drive after primary-path removed, results in a hang of the device at the server
  • Channel enhancements for VFO detection criteria
  • LDI: log pg 0x38 gets reset by host interface
  • Slow speed write mitigation of failures for servo detected errors
  • Encountered 2E00 failure during normal testing fixed unload sequence
  • Servo tracing enhancement for Failure analysis improvements
  • Enhance Write Rolling Calib to Detect Write PES Range Error
  • U320: Fix 1MB write permanent errors in u160 mode
  • Enhancement to avoid a drive reset when a corrupt index is detected
  • Read Performance Enhancement for ArcServ
  • Enhance bias calibration in channel
  • Enhancement to channel calibration algorithm
  • Change of reporting SCD'A' - Code will now first check clean cycle. If Clean has not been performed since wanting to flag SCD'A', SCD'C' will be displayed first. If condition is met again, code will check if drive has reached clean required, if yes then SCD'C' will be displayed, if not the SCD'A' will be displayed.
  • Multiple unbuffered write causes drive panic
  • Fix for rare load failure
  • Enhance cartridge trace for better Failure analysis
  • Unload failed during Library usage
  • LIB: add in single port reporting (mode & log pages)
  • Engineering logging of FSCs was not correct, dump enhancement only
  • Load timeout due to inability to read FID during excessive ERP action
  • Remove Servo MR Bias Override for LTO4
  • Data transfer check enhancement for internal data transfers
  • CM cartridge status is not updated correctly, should be updated at beginning and end of write operation.
  • Improve channel calibration calculations
  • Channel enhancements for write and read improvements
  • Enhancement to algorithm used when media resistance is detected in early regions of tape
  • Dump analysis enhancements
  • ADI: Stop dispatched login timer request with valid id, Some vendor libraries may lose communication
  • ADI - Drive was not clearing a timer for resending the port login command - this is changed to meet spec and has limited field presence.
  • Crypto code change for new FIPS requirements
  • ADI - Change for read of log page 13h over ADI when checking for dumps - no field impact
  • U320 - Drive reset after an FSC 1605 was detected
  • ADI control path LTO4 drive write performance is slow on U160 drive.
  • ADI - Do not clear data on eject for log pg 1 - no field impact
  • T10 Encryption guard code for T10 over ADI method
  • Manufacturing support for serial command left out of LTO4HH from LTO3HH
  • High backhitching as a result of very slow speed operation is changed to reduce backhitching in the drive by changing speed
  • Tape directory segment causes CRC that needs correction
  • Send diag buffer increase - this is not a field impact, it is for dump analysis only
  • Timeout on Send Diag POST C
  • Failure during tape test with GEN4 cart after tape test with a GEN3 cartridge
  • Change for changing speeds during speed matching to avoid an extra backhitch - might have performance enhancement if account is seeing many backhitch motions
  • FCR 3154 Added FIPS indication to the drive status page
  • Fibre Channel port enable was broken in this PGA release
  • LDI - if a command timeout is reached, a command complete was being sent twice causing a drive reset

Drive Code Level: 85V8 (TS2900 Library only)
  • LUN1: TS2900 library use mode 2 in LUN1 write buffer command

Drive Code Level: 85V6 (TS2240 Standalone Drives only)
  • Open neg. friction limit for HH due to circuitry offset

Drive Code Level: 85V2 (TS2240 Standalone Drives only)
  • Tracing and Dump Enhancement
  • U320 -All FF CDB causes Overlapped command
  • Enable C1IBC ERP on LTO - ERP enhancement to reduce write/read perms
  • U320 - Residual count is not reported when EOD detected during tape locate
  • U320 - Mode Page 19h/Subpage 03h not reporting correctly
  • ADI - LUN1 queue is hung with RES command.
  • Write perm ERP enhancements
  • Auto unthread after 20 minutes of non-activity to drive when media loaded
  • No indication for temperature error on SCD
  • Enhancement to Read ERP structure during C2 correction (706x FSCs)
  • G4HH - Need serial command to disable brush when extruded
  • Code enhancement physical thread/unthread can be a solution to unthread/thread failures
  • eServer: 'J' for invalid cartridge type at any case
  • Define SCD display for temperature failure in NEC/CAS mode
  • New POST check for open writer cable to head
  • SAS - Cable pull caused queue hang
  • ADI to detect framing and line breaks, hdwre workaround, can cause communication failure without indication
  • Log page 0x11, log parm 0x8001, MES value for uninitialized cartridges
  • Unable to unload tape
  • U320 - Drive hangs with Bus Reset
  • Enhancement in Channel code to improve general write and read operational performance
  • Improvement to the retention of statistical data stored in VPD/EEPROM
  • U320 - Multi-initiator Invalid Reselection
  • Fix for FSC1602 occurrence
  • U320 - Wrong session may be used when turbo exit
  • FSC 6000 on SCSI load after FSC 2E05 failure
  • FCR 3155 - Drive Pass IES Vendor Specific Bits
  • FCR 3155 - change for all LUN1 commands
  • Cleaning twice without 2nd load
  • U320 - Exception on Read FM
  • U320 - handle sense data for error response on TM
  • U320 - extra one byte is padded on HP-UX (N138)
  • Encryption enhancements
  • Post 7904 even if tape is unloaded after auto unthread
  • Panic when LDI command read tape with long length
  • LDI - change method for 3572 inquiry string machine type/number
  • High-speed refreshes the cartridge to EOT, then to BOT when media debris signature is detected
  • Wave motion ERP enhancement - enhancement to greatly reduce stiction
  • Creep motion improvement for a-unthread (local ERP) - enhancement to greatly reduce stiction
  • VFO Detection enhancement - greatly reduce read degradation and perm errors
  • Accept uninitialized cart which has CM TA page
  • ADI - Fix mode page 0e 01, display current wwnn
  • ADI - Fix mode page 19h - data in mode page 0x0e 01
  • Flashing Activity light on recovery
  • SAS - Incorrectly aborted command should have sent up a check condition
  • U320 - Handling delayed scsi response for TM IUs
  • LDI - Not cleaning up LUN1 cmds properly during login
  • U320 - Drive hangs with Bus Reset at reselection timing
  • Auto unthread hang after unthread error - can result in a tape not able to be unloaded
  • Fix for failure to unload
  • Fix for a Drive panic during a locate command
  • Add MAM attribute 80B Application Format Version
  • Allow return of saved values for modes pages 0x0e 0x
  • ADI - wrong frame number after login process
  • ADI - mode page 0x0e 02 (ADI) enable/disable ports separately changed to match specification
  • Auto unthread: drive hang with unload request - can result in media unable to be unloaded
  • SAS Drive panics on PRO
  • ADI - Add EPP and ESR bits to VHF data
  • Support Legato NetWorker (NW) ILEP
  • FCR 3156 - add correct ITD pages for 3572 (1U) library
  • Timeout on Locate command
  • Channel enhancement to ACOMP registers. Resulted in slightly degraded channel performance
  • Added check cleaning criteria at boot
  • Support vendor-specific INIT ELEMENT STATUS(E7h) cmd
  • MED: med_compare_pos() is called with a wrong argument order
  • Drive returns 2 5904s
  • Out-of-range indexing in Error Burst Log, burst detect probs
  • ADI-FC Race condition creating SIOP, resulted in a no response to RES command
  • ADI No response after command - framing errors and aborts
  • Bursting temps for Servo errors can cause excessive backhitching
  • I/O error on read can cause a Drive Hang
  • FSC 6000 during data operations
  • U320 - I/O error causes drive to not respond
  • Short locate timeout
  • ADI - No response when using NOP and PAUSE ADI commands
  • Fix for Mode page 0x1e

Drive Code Level: 82F0 (TS2240 Standalone Drives only)
  • During a write filemark an FSC 6000 is experienced
  • When running Diags the drive must clear all reservations when taking the port offline
  • Fix for an infinite loop retry breakage- When incorrect setup on the EKM causes a retry, the drive will stop retrying after 3 incorrect keys with correct alias are returned
  • When media is partially ejected and power is pulled, there is a small possibility for a hang in the drive on power up
  • During an SME usage where the EKM is removed from the network, the drive can post an SCD'3'
  • On an attempt to mount, the drive fails the mount and incorrectly reported a FSC 2C51
  • ADI drive communication failure during internal library check. Results in the appeared hang of the drive/library
  • In certain environments the FSC 1606 has been seen. This fixes this particular interface error
  • Fix planned command
  • During diagnostics, need to change the help response during the ras diagnostics
  • Drive did not handle Initiator detected Error msg properly. This results in an interface error at the host. (U320)
  • SAS Block length must be a multiple of 4 per the SSC specification
  • Implement FCR 3146/3147 for High Density 3584 support
  • After a write error, the drive returns a FSC 605E incorrectly
  • During write or read operation, the Fibre Channel interface would experience a panic causing a failure in the customer job
  • Selection Timed out for TUR during Multiple burst transfer
  • Added new FSCs with ASC/ASCQs to the drive reporting for IU mode errors (U320)
  • During a write or read operation, the drive could detect a motor driver failure. When the motor driver failure occurs (reported as FSC 7875)
  • The correct ERP needs to be invoked to ensure the integrity of the tape
  • Change the write attribute command structure to allow the writing of the Cleaner CM
  • Support the writing of the label to a cleaner CM over LDI interface
  • If DISCPriv is off the bus, it is disconnected incorrectly by the drive causing a communication error with the host (U320)
  • TA16 was being set when the unload button was pushed
  • When in a non-IU mode, a drive code error was being returned to the host (resulting in a communication error with the host) U320
  • Cleaning operation would be executed twice in a row (U320)
  • FSC 78B5 Beginning of Tape shutdown is experienced as a result of LPOS estimation. This failure is on LTO4 tapes
  • Integrate Read and Write channel enhancements
  • Due to a tray position error, the drive would not load a tape after unload
  • Added Support for the DTD Port Status Log Page (U320)
  • The ADC mode page for port status reports the incorrect LVD mode
  • The Drive Panics on a Write. This results in a communication error with the host, job failure. This is a result of an incorrect queued command count
  • Read/Write Channel enhancements for LTO4
  • Change the point at which the drive reports a failure for the retraction of the head brush. Experienced as a load failure in the drive
  • Drive fails as a result of the handling of many commands coming into the drive in a multi-LUN environment
  • Assign a unique reporting sense for error relating to tape failure with head interface
  • Encryption enhancements to FIPS capable code areas
  • Fix for FSC 7865 permanent error on LTO4 media
  • Selection Timeout due to Long Bus Reset Assertion (U320)
  • Sense Key for write protected uninitialized cartridge load should be 07 - it was set at 05
  • In a SAN environment with link failures, the drive incorrectly fails with FSC 7070 on the recovery of the link failure
  • Read after write failed with SK/ASC/ASCQ 04 44 00 and FSC 6410
  • FSC 1605 reported by the drive as a result of link level errors on the bus in a write command (U320)
  • Implement a Tape Alert for FSC 2C3A
  • ADI reporting of FC status for supported features has an incorrect length
  • ERP enhancement for high friction media events
  • Incorrect value in Log Page 0x0C Parameter Code 0x02 (compressed data bytes) at read operation
  • Add FSC for safety unthread/rethread and high friction media events
  • FSC 7133 failure as a result of beginning of wrap Data check ERP
  • When compression is selected, a faster write speed will be selected
  • During drive detection, a physical link error may cause the HBA to not respond. This works around the HBA failure
  • ADI fix for display message on LUN2 requests
  • New cleaner tapes can have a CM entry that will cause the Cleaner cartridge to not be ejected
  • Under the multi-initiator environment, LTO4 U320 hung up during a write operation when the other drive issued Reset on the bus. (U320)
  • In Multi-LUN condition. LUN1 commands that invoke data transfer are issued while Read/Write in turbo mode
  • Implement Tape Alert for FSC's 1224 -1227 (RAS failures)
  • Write timeout on Fibre Channel drives
  • Unload failure with FSC 2E09 and the Drive posts a SCD '5'. This can be caused by powering off the drive with tape mounted or at load point
  • FSC 1606 Fibre Channel DMA FIFO fix
  • Fix frame number in error recovery for ADI communication - Customer would see a drive and library failure
  • ADI disabling of the primary SCSI port prevent selection of the primary port, but does not correctly prevent bus reset processing
  • When more than 16 LUNs are connected, the drive did not properly return the correct LUN
  • Do not set WP in VPD for mode page 0x03 (ADI)
  • Library initiation failure over ADI - task management IU should not come during login process
  • A Control Path SAS drive can fail for a microcode error as a result of handling abort requests. This happens mainly on non-TLR supported Host Bus Adapters
  • SAS change for handling an abort request with iSeries and pSeries SAS adapters
  • When over temp occurred there was no indication on the SCD in certain cases

Drive Code Level: 7BG5
  • Need to move brush retract failure from unmount to mount

Drive Code Level: 7BG3
  • Encryption EKM loop fix with EKM
  • FC only changes to the clock timing on the drive internal bus
  • Fix calculations of read attributes 0x222 and 0x223
  • Releveling for FIPS qualification
  • False excessive read recovery timeout (Read ERPs with slow host)
  • FSC 2C51 is reported after mount fail
  • Change FAS Buffer Clock and DMA Clock to avoid FSC1606
  • FAS timing change previously applied to FC for FSC1605 applied to SAS and U320
  • Fix TD Sta_Check_Dataset_Number_Consistency()
  • Return "all pages" for LUN2 for mode sense command
  • Encryption Loop Fix for EKM interfacing
  • Incorrect WWNN sent to EKM from Drive in LME mode
  • Log page length incorrectly reported in the log page header
  • Need to enable brush extension on rechuck
  • Improper handling of Proxy(library) termination of the key acquisition
  • GEN2 tape issue in manufacturing caused by calibration in certain region of tape
  • Fix reporting of Write protect WORM media sense data from Sense key=03 to Sense Key=07
  • Tape breaking scenario at Beginning of tape with unload
  • T021 error on LUN1 commands causing hang in library in TS3310
  • MAM attribute 0007 not returned with correct value
  • Implement head brush on every 5 loads
  • Implement New MAM attribute 0x224 when G3 cartridge is loaded
  • Read Attribute needs to support x224 as a first attribute
  • SCD H on Send Diag fail after FMR fail
  • Small distance margin for UCC cleaning at 1st cleaning
  • RW diagnostics with ITDT application fails when using a GEN3 media
  • Band Change Timeout

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