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Call Home Improves Problem Determination


Call Home is a free Remote Support Feature that minimizes the time it takes to correct both drive and library problems.
This service is an outbound call only - the library will not respond to any inbound call. An outbound call will be placed in the following cases:

  • The library or a drive detects a problem that requires service.
  • One hour after a library power on or reset.
  • Once every 7 days.

The call that results from a library or drive detected problem will include the information typically needed to analyze the problem. Depending on the problem, this may include the library error log, drive error logs, library trace/dump files, a drive dump file, and a file containing hardware and code configuration information.

The call that results from a library power on or reset ensures that if library or drive code has been updated that the new versions have been reported.

The call that occurs every 7 days allows IBM to ensure that the call home capability is still functional. It also sends a file containing hardware and code configuration information which can be used by support personnel.

The TS3500 Library Installation and Planning Guide will give you more information on this valuable tool.

If you would like assistance with setting up your Call Home feature, please contact IBM Service at 1-800-IBM-Serv.

For ordering call your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL.

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Tape Storage Tape Libraries TS3500 Tape Library Open Systems Version Independent

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More support for: 3584 UltraScalable Tape Library

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Modified date: 08 December 2004

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