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IBM Online Library: z/OS V1R13 and Software Products DVD Collection, Sept 2012 (SK3T-4271-31)



This collection comes on 2 DVD-ROMs, and requires a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-9 (single-sided, dual-layer) format. It contains softcopy tools, a program for installing and updating the softcopy tools, softcopy formats of the collection index, and softcopy formats of the installation guide (GC31-8311). In addition, the collection includes the softcopy documents and related files for z/OS V1R13 and related sofware products, including Parallel Sysplex and selected books from the IBM System z Redbooks Collection, SK3T-7876. ; ***; The contents of the zFavorites for System z mini-CD, GK3T-4331, are also included, providing Internet links to the most popular z/OS and System z Web sites.; The DVD contains over 2585 unlicensed documents for z/OS V1R13 and over 446 z/OS-related software products. ; ***; Many of the documents in this collection are provided in both BookManager and PDF (Portable Document Format) format. Documents in BookManager format are viewable using the IBM Softcopy Reader, IBM Library Server, or any of the BookManager READ products. ; ***; For viewing and searching documents, this collection provides the IBM Softcopy Reader, which runs under Windows(tm) 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. For managing documents in a repository, it also provides IBM Softcopy Librarian, which runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. For printing documents, the collection provides an Adobe(r) Reader.; ***; To view the contents of the collections, see the collection indexes at .

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Reference #: SK3T-4271-31

Modified date: 19 September 2012