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WebSphere MQ System Administration Guide (SC34-6584-01)



Please note that this publication has been updated since the PDF was loaded on the Publication Centre with various technical corrections and clarifications. Therefore the PDF now holds some downlevel information.; ================; This book is about the IBM WebSphere MQ products, which provide application programming ; services that enable you to write applications in which the constituent programs communicate ; with each other using message queues. This book describes the day-to-day management of local ; and remote WebSphere MQ objects. It includes topics such as security, recovery and restart, problem ; determination, and the dead-letter queue handler. It also includes the syntax of the WebSphere MQ ; control commands and tells you how to use installable services and exits to tailor your WebSphere MQ ; system. This book is for system administrators and system programmers who manage the configuration ; and administration tasks for WebSphere MQ. It is also useful to application programmers who need to ; understand WebSphere MQ administration tasks. To understand this book, you need a good understanding ; of the operating systems it describes and of the utilities associated with them. You do not need to have ; worked with message queuing products before, but you should understand the basic concepts of message queuing.

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Modified date: 10 March 2006

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