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4690 OS User's Guide Version 4 Release 1 (SC30-4050-00)



This manual guides you in using the IBM 4690 OS Version 4 (hereafter referred to as the operating system). It contains procedures for using the functions of the operating system under normal operating conditions. It assumes you have set up your store controller according to the instructions in the guide to operations for your specific store controller. It also assumes you have set up your point-of-sale terminals according to the installation manuals. This manual is written for store personnel who use the operating system and its utilities. It is designed to provide assistance in using the controllers, terminals, and utilities. Use this manual as a guide to work through the operating system screens and utilities.; This manual is available in PDF format, hardcopy is not available.

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More support for: Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Operating System family

Reference #: SC30-4050-00

Modified date: 01 April 2005