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DB2 10 for z/OS SQL Reference (SC19-2983-03)



This book serves as a reference for Structured Query Language (SQL); for DB2 for z/OS. All SQL elements are described and syntax diagrams, ; option descriptions, effects, and examples are provided for the SQL; statements. Appendixes describe the DB2 catalog tables, SQL limits, actions; allowed on SQL statements, SQL communication area (SQLCA), SQL descriptor; area (SQLDA), and sample user-defined functions.; This book is softcopy only and part of the DB2 10 for z/OS Online Library ; in PDF format. This library is not separately orderable. It is; a component of the DB2 10 for z/OS Licensed Library collection kit, LK5T-7390 and ; the z/OS Software Products DVD Collection, SK3T-4271, which may be ordered through normal ; publication channels.

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More support for: DB2 for z/OS

Reference #: SC19-2983-03

Modified date: 29 July 2011

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