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IMS V9 OTMA Guide and Reference (SC18-7829-02)



This book describes the IMS Open Transaction Manager Access; (OTMA) feature. This feature is a client/server protocol; for IMS transactions. In a client/server environment, the; IMS Transaction Manager (TM) is the high-performance server, and; with the OTMA feature you can attach many different z/OS ; client subsystems. An OTMA client acts as a gateway between; IMS TM and a heterogeneous network. This book also describes the OTMA Callable Interface (C/I) feature.; The OTMA C/I provides a high-level interface for accessing IMS applications; from other z/OS subsystems. The interface consists of API calls that are; available to C and C++ programs.; You can find the most current versions of the IMS; library by going to the IMS Web site and following the link to the Library; page. The Library page provides links to the supported versions of the; IMS library, as well as a link to the Information Management Software; for z/OS Solutions Information Center. PDF files are also available in; the information center.

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Modified date: 15 December 2006

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