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z/OS V1R9.0 JES2 Introduction (SA22-7535-06)



This book provides an introduction to the job entry subsystem (JES2). It is meant to provide an overview of JES2; it is not meant to be an instructional manual. This book presents:; ; 1. JES2 as a unified set of related functions whose purpose is to accomplish certain data processing goals for MVS. ; ; 2. JES2 and its relationship to MVS, TSO/E, and components of the MVS operating system. ; ; 3. An overview of JES2 functions, device control, NJE, RJE, initialization, operations, customization techniques, and diagnostic tools.; ; ; This book is available only in softcopy. You can obtain softcopy from the V1R2 z/OS Collection (SK3T-4269) or the z/OS Internet Library; ( ).

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Reference #: SA22-7535-06

Modified date: 07 August 2007