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TXSeries for Multiplatforms V7.1 Whitepaper - Understanding monitoring facilities in TXSeries (GC34-7115-00)



The process of monitoring is a vital and challenging task for any user who is administering a system. To ; effectively use, tune, and manage a system, the user must understand the monitoring facilities available in the system. ; A good monitoring facility allows the users to customize their systems to suit their requirements with minimal impact ; on the performance. ; .; This paper intends to describe some of the monitoring facilities available in TXSeries. In addition to the ; explanation for each facility, the paper includes examples and scenarios in which each facility can be used. These ; details can be used for a better understanding of each monitoring facility.; .; The target audience is comprised of users and administrators of TXSeries for Multiplatforms, who are interested in ; knowing about the features and methodology provided by the product for monitoring and tuning their systems.

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Modified date: 11 September 2009

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