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Type Transformer can generate single byte 240 and 300 pel raster fonts and AFP Outline fonts. It also generates double byte 240 pel raster fonts and AFP Outline fonts.

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The Utilities allow you to generate, modify, and view the AFP Fonts. The package does not include the publications, FontLab, or source fonts (Type1 and CID fonts) as previously provided in the AFP Font Collection or Infoprint Fonts products. Publications are available from the web.

The 'Type Transformer and Utilities for Windows' feature of Infoprint Fonts has been withdrawn from marketing and service as of Dec 31, 2008. The existing service packs have been rolled up into a new package.

No service or support is provided for this free download. There are no plans to provide customers with special support.


Type Transformer runs under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The program has not been formally tested under Windows Vista. If using Windows Vista, run the program in compatibility mode for 'Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'.

If installing over a previous version of Type Transformer, then you might want to copy the Type 1 and CID fonts from your earlier version since they are not included in this package. They can be copied to any location on the same computer.

Installation Instructions

1) Download the Type Transformer file (TypeTransformer3303.exe).

2) Run the .exe file and follow the prompts.

3) The User Defined Character (UDC) files and Batch Files should be downloaded if using 'Type Transformer DB' to create double byte fonts. The files should be unzipped in the install location specified in Step 2 above.

4) If using 'Type Transformer DB', you must edit the ATMDATA.DAT file found in the default location of

C:\Program Files\Type Transformer\DUVTT\BIN.
The text string of
d:\Program Files\Infoprint Fonts\
must be changed to point to the install location in step 2. Be careful to specify the correct location for each of the .cmp, .pfb, and .cid files (see Prerequisites), if they do not exist in the same location as the UDC font files.

Download package

See links below.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Type Transformer 12/22/2008 US English 6472403 FTP
Japanese UDC Files 12/22/2008 US English 9825087 FTP
Korean UDC Files 12/22/2008 US English 3090872 FTP
Simplified Chinese UDC Files 12/22/2008 US English 6001361 FTP
Traditional Chinese UDC Files 12/22/2008 US English 7119182 FTP

Technical support

No Technical Support will be provided.

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Software edition: Standard

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Modified date: 06 April 2010

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