SurePOS 700 4800-743/783, Video Drivers

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This download contains video driver installation package for the 4800 743, C43 and 783 models..

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VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family Video Driver

Intended System : IBM SurePOS 743/783

Package: v20.02.01j
(Recommended for resolutions from 800x600 to 1024x768)
Driver Revision: (updated 11/10/09)
Supported Operating System(s):
- Windows XP Professional

Package: v20.09.01q
(Recommended for resolutions above 1024x768)
Driver Revision: (updated 1/9/13)
Supported Operating System(s):
- Windows XP Professional

Package: v20.02.01g
Driver Revision: (updated 02/10/08)
Supported Operating System(s):
- Windows 2000 Professional

Package: v21.06.01d
Driver Revision:
Supported Operating System(s):
- Windows Vista

- VIA Hyperion Chipset Drivers


This document describes how perform common installation/maintenance tasks for this driver. It is strongly recommended that the instructions in this document be followed as completely as possible.

Please see for the latest driver updates and knowledgebase articles.

Determining Driver Revision
1. Open "Device Manager".
a. Open Control Panel.
b. Double-click "System".
c. Click the "Hardware" tab.
d. Click the "Device Manager" button.
2. Expand the "Display Adapters" device group.
3. Right-click "VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family".
4. Click "Properties".
5. Click the "Driver" tab.
6. The driver version will be shown in the "Driver Version:" field.



Installation Instructions

2.1. Clean Install (if a version of this driver is not already installed)
1. Expand the zip file to the target system.
2. Double click "setup.exe" in the directory where the zip file has been expanded.
3. Restart the system if prompted.

2.2. Upgrade Installation (if a version of this driver is already installed)
1. Uninstall the driver (See the "Uninstall" section).
2. Follow the directions in the "Clean Install" section.

2.3. Unattended Installation
1. Extract the zip file to the target system.
2. Invoke "setup.exe /s" from the directory where the zip file has been expanded.

2.4. Uninstall
1. Open "Add/Remove Programs".
a. Click "Start".
b. Click "Control Panel".
c. Double-click "Add/Remove Programs".
2. Click the "VIA Display Driver [Driver Version]"* entry.
3. Click the "Remove" button.
4. Follow the prompts until uninstallation is complete.
5. Restart the system if prompted.

*[Driver Version] is the driver version installed.

Download package

For Windows XP and WEPOS, be sure to use the driver appropriate for the display resolution you are using.

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
Windows XP/WEPOS - 1024x768 and below 10 Nov 2009 English 10044533 FTP
Windows XP/WEPOS - above 1024x768 9 Jan 2013 English 10401314 FTP
Windows Vista 5 Jun 2008 English 9014928 FTP
Windows 2000 10 Feb 2009 English 10044533 FTP

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