4610 SureMark Printer, Native Windows Driver

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This native windows driver allows you to print to the 4610 printer using standard Windows printer services.

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Toshiba 4610 Printer Driver x32 for
Windows 7/8.1, Windows 2003 Server, POSReady 2009/7

Toshiba 4610 Printer Driver x64 for
Windows 7/8.1 and POSReady 7.

Coexistence with UPOS

If you have other POS peripherals, it is recommended that you use the
industry standard OPOS or JavaPOS drivers to access all terminal
functions. This simplifies your application and improves it's portability
to other platforms. However, it is possible to configure a system that
allows you to use NWD to control the printer and to use UPOS drivers for
the other devices.
The process to do this is different for OPOS and JPOS.

OPOS/NWD Coexistence

For RS232 the solution is easy; don't configure a printer in OPOS (OposConfig).

For USB the solution is more complicated, since OPOS can detect (and
therefore control) all TGCS POS devices automatically.
Since NWD 2.6.4 if you install OPOS first and then NWD the NWD install
process will configure OPOS to ignore the USB 4610 printer, which allows
NWD and the print spooler to control the device instead.
If you need to do this step manually look at "Ignoring USB devices" in Ch5
of the UPOS Users Guide for details on the DisableUSB registry key.

JavaPOS/NWD Coexistence

Again, for RS232 the solution is easy; don't configure a printer in JPOS (POS Control Center)

For USB the solution is also complicated, but in a different way. JPOS
communicates with USB devices via endpoints, and uses a kernel mode driver
to accomplish this. So configuring JPOS to ignore the USB printer requires
you to uninstall the kernel mode driver, but only for the printer (and not
any other devices).

First, uninstall all javaxusb drivers from the system using the command
line "aipdifx -u c:\pos\drivers\javaxusb\javaxusb.inf"
Next, edit the c:\pos\drivers\javaxusb\javaxusb.inf file and comment out
the line for the 4610 printer (USB product ID 4535)
Finally, reinstall the newly modified .inf file, using the command
"aipdifx -i c:\pos\drivers\javaxusb\javaxusb.inf"

Since this process is more typically used for supporting OEM devices
information on aipdifx is in Ch17 of the UPOS Users Guide.


Supported OS & 4610-TI3/4/5/8/9 TM6/7 2CR/2NR/1NR Printer

Installation Instructions

See readme

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Windows 32 bit 23 Jul 2015 English 610591 FTP
Windows 64 bit 23 Jul 2015 English 25956800 FTP

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4610 SureMark Point of Sale Printers
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1NR/1NA/1ND, 2CR/2NR, Tx3/4, Tx6, Tx7, Tx9

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Windows 7, Windows XP

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