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Can you give me an general idea of what is contained in the Store Integration Framework?


Store Integration Framework (SIF) is a marketing term that is an umbrella for Store Integrator(SI), Data Integration Facility (DIF), Remote Management Agent, (RMA) and WebSphere Remote Server for Retail (WRS). The SIF components come from both IBM Retail Store Systems and IBM Software Group. The IBM Retail Store Systems components of SIF are SI, DIF, and RMA.

  • Store Integrator (SI) allows you to reuse the business logic of your IBM POS application and to integrate new devices. SI consists of:
  • Application Extension Facility (AEF) allows you to reuse the business logic locked in to POS terminal. You can use the AEF API to integrate other applications to the POS. This component allows you to use the same data the POS systems use (such as pricing, including loyalty pricing). This component also allows you to integrate other application data into the TLOG.
  • POS Provider is a batch interface for POS integration. This component allows the client program to perform multiple POS operations with one API invocation. The POS Provider is a higher level interface that uses the AEF to perform the POS functions in batch mode.
  • Store Integrator GUI uses the AEF component to allow for a is a customizable GUI. The GUI can run locally on your existing POS terminals or can run remotely using a virtual session on the controller. It has both an operator and a customer GUI that can be customized using XML. The GUI can also be extended using Java.
  • POS Business Component (POSBC) is the newest component of Store Integrator. POSBC was added in of SI V2. POSBC provides POS integration using a standard XML interface. POSBC allows non-Java programs to gain access to the POS business logic. POSBC is a higher level interface that uses the Application Extension Facility (AEF).

Note: You must buy additional licenses for each application running in a virtual sessions. For example, if you are running with 20 mobile devices in a virtual session, then you need to buy an application (ACE or SA or GSA) license for each virtual session.
Note: You may buy a GUI-only license for SI. With this license, you still receive all the components of SI, but you can only use the GUI.
  • Data Integration Facility (DIF) allows for real-time data exchange in XML. It allows you to get data out of the store. DIF consists of a programmer's API and a runtime process.

    DIF is a Java program that uses components called Services and Actors to perform specific tasks. It is installed on the POS controller and runs in background mode as a BATCH file. DIF allows you to share the data contained in your POS system with other systems in XML format using open standards

    DIF comes with a TLOG implementation that trickles the transaction log (TLOG) data to the enterprise. WMQe (WebSphere MQ Everyplace) is no longer used as the messaging component. DIF now embeds micro broker to communicate with message-oriented middleware. Micro broker is an edge-of-the-network, lightweight messaging hub. Using the TLOG trickle implementation, data can be sent as a binary stream, as XML, or as IXRetail XML in the POSLog V2 format.
  • Remote Management Agent (RMA) enables end-to-end systems management of store devices and applications. The solution provides remote store-level configuration, monitoring, event management, asset management, inventory, and software distribution.

    RMA is integrated with WebSphere Remote Server (WRS) and starting with RMA V2 is also integrated with IBM Director Server. This provides a way to perform systems management tasks on all of your IBM assets with one management tool.

For SI (GUI, AEF, PosProvider, POSBC), DIF, and RMA here are some places you can go for the current generally available information:
  • For information on Store Integrator go here.
  • For information on Data Integration Facility go here.
  • For information on Remote Management Agent go here.

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